Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brayden's wearing Underwear!!!

So our little Brayden has been a big boy lately with sucessfully going to the bathroom almost every time in the toilet! He always wears underwear at home (usually with clothes on as well), and has been so easy to train! We are loving it! And he loves being a big boy, although I must say even the smallest underwear look more like boxer briefs on his little bottom!!


Chanelle said...

WooHoo! Go Brayden and congrats Mommy! ;)

Likes Family said...

wow!!! Any secrets to share? That has always been the most frustrating part of toddlers for me.

Anonymous said...

not for long if I get a hold of him, down they come his c--k in my mouth then mine in his sweet tight arse I love f-----g little tight boys