Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sledding and other good stuff

Over the MLK break, it snowed and we took the kids sledding for the first time all winter. Sad that it was the first time, but it was awesome. We had a lot of fun as a family.

Gotta love the boys Cougar hats!

This year was the first year Keaton realllllllly got into it. Last year he loved it and cried when we were done, but this time he really wanted speed and could carry the sled up the hill when he was done and go by himself...bonus!

The other good stuff I was referring to was our little man is doing so well...this picture shows his cute little body. This is a preemie outfit on him that is really too small for him to wear, but I had to put it on him just once considering by the time he comes home, he will be in newborn clothes. I know, most babies are. But I have some of the cutest dang preemie clothes ever and am sad he wont get to wear them because two of his brothers did. BUT him not wearing them is also good because it means he is growing like he should. I mean really, what other 4 month old is wearing preemie and newborn clothes...I just dont want him to grow too fast because I am just barely getting a start of my time with him!

Paxton is offically down on a low enough setting of oxygen that he has been able to start eating. One bottle per day, one nursing per day. He has done so well with it that whenever anyone picks him up he trys to latch just about anything! He loves it! He, like my other boys, is going to be a champ nurser. And I can't wait to quit pumping and nurse full time! This picture was taken today (sunday, the 22nd) and Cort was giving him a bottle for the first time.

Look at his little fingers wrapped around the bottle! He is so dang cute!!

Paxton and me having some cuddle time...his oxygen always gets turned way down when I am holding him like this...he loves it!!

So they are saying two to three weeks and we might get to take our little man home! I am spending a lot more time at the hospital these days and it will only increase as I feed him more. But I am loving it and it means the end is near!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catching UP!!

What a crazy few weeks it has been! For starters, my sweet Brayden turned 6! I have more pictures that have somehow gotten lost on my computer and I cannot find them, but let me tell you- Brayden is such a sweetheart in our family. A big stinker, but a big sweetheart!

He loves to sing and we loved going to his school Kindergarden performance.

We had a very small last minute thrown together birthday party for him with only a few friends. It was fun though! What made it even better was my little sister deciding at the last minute to catch a ride with her sis-in-law to Utah. So she helped me with the party and it was awesome!
We had a family party for his b-day as well (those are the pictures that are missing), but it was last minute as well. In our household during a week and a half we had the following going around:
mastitus (obviously me, worst case EVER)
the flu combined with a bad cold
pink eye (2 kids and me)
Bad colds (mine resulting in blisters in the back of my throat)
So that is why all the parties were last minute and why I haven't posted anything in forever and also why it was so great when my sister came and helped out sooooo much.
While she was here for a few days...Keaton got into a little trouble...

He had my mascara! Stinker! And I got to play with one of my cutie nephews!

And my sister and I got to hang out! It was awesome!

And my sister, who happens to be amazing at photography, took this amazing picture of Paxton.

And a few others to mention...

PS- can I just say how awesome it is to walk into the NICU and actually pick up my baby and hold him?! It is wonderful.

Paxton got moved into a big boy crib! He is doing realllllllllly well right now.

All in all, life has been crazy busy and will continue to get crazier and CRAZIER the closer it comes to Paxton coming home because I will need to be at the NICU all the time. But we are excited and looking forward to him joining our family at home.