Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keaton turns 2!

I CANNOT even believe my little Peanut is 2! Tuesday was his birthday and all day all I could think about was how big he is, how much he can do, all the new words he has started to say, and more or less that I cannot even believe he really is 2!

Have two years really passed already? It seems like just yesterday he got home from the NICU (because I choose not to reminisce on the NICU days as often as possible) and we began our lives as a family of 5, 4 of them being boys! ;)
Keaton has always had the best expressions! I love love LOVE his face!
Those eyes. lady killer already!
Since he is the 3rd child, he does get more neglected in some occasionally the diaper changes, but he is so great! He's so easy going and when he falls down, he hardly lets out a peep, he just gets right back up and get moving again. He's tough, but still likes to cuddle with me every day. Thank goodness! I am just not ready for him to grow up any more!
Yes, he is trouble, like his big brothers, but I love his curiosity.
So Keaton, I love you so much and am so glad you are in our family.
I mean, come on, does that kid look like he could EVER do anything wrong?? ;)
Yes, in fact, he can cause all sorts of trouble now. But all I have to do is say "cheese" and keaton will smile for the camera. Love it!
Okay, so this airplane cake definetly did a crash landing about 5 times before I finished. It is frosting-ed together in many places because it was so moist, it just crumbled. So just when I was done with frosting, it would crack somewhere and I would have to make more and frosting it together some more. The wings eventually were fact I shouldnt even show this lame cake, but at least keaton loved it!
We had a little family party for him Wednesday night and he loved being the center of attention. He kept fake laughing at everything.
He was a little afraid of the candle on the cake. After it was blown out, he was fine.
He loved all his presents, although he couldn't open many himself because his brothers were so overly helpful.
Silly Papa!
Silly Grandma!
But Keaton loves his new toys!!
And now we begin the terrible two's...;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Boy!

I just can't even believe my First Born Child is in First Grade! WOW!~ it's so crazy to have a kid in school full time now. Today was his first full day, as yesterday was an early out day. He is so grown up- even his smile seems to be more mature! Sniff, Sniff. Yes, for reals. Yes, I am loving every minute of him and Brayden not fighting and all, but it is sad to have him growing up so fast. And I know this is just the beginning of it all. Sniff sniff. will notice in these pictures he is wearing a light jacket. Yes, I know. Crazy, in August and all. We had no power in the house, so we slept with the windows open all night and believe it or not, I woke up cold. And I was cold all morning. So I asked Kyler if he wanted a light jacket, he said yes, and then when I walked outside I realized that somehow, it was colder in our house than outside cause it just felt nice. But Kyler wanted to keep the jacket on. So, it seems crazy that he is wearing it in August, but sigh, that's the story...

In line waiting...thats the back of his teacher. Such a big boy!! ;)
Sniff, sniff.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Special Trip

Ever since my Grandpa died 6 years ago, my Grandma has struggled with her health. I think that she took care of my Grandpa for so many years before he died, that she felt the need to be cared for by someone else now too. For the most part, her health has been okay until the last two years. I am not going to explain every little detail, but I will say that my Grandma has struggled with bladder infections. The bladder infections go undetected for so long (because the symptoms she gets, she cant feel) that by the time she gets diagnosed, the infection is so severe that it turns into much worse. Then she gets staff infections, pnuemonia, etc. She has also fallen several times, resulting in required trips to the hospital, etc. My sweet mother takes care of her. She called me a few weeks ago to let me know that things were pretty serious with my Grandma's health. She was doing very poorly. She was almost in a comatose state. Her blood pressure was now affected. She had multiple infections and was in the hospital for over a month. Finally she was sent to a rehabilitation facility, and it wasn't looking good. I decided that I really wanted to go see her in case we lose her before I get the chance to see her again. Luckily, thanks to good neighbors and friends with connections, I got a last minute flight to AZ.
This past Thursday I took Keaton and we made the trek to good ole HOT Arizona. I got in late Thursday night, so Friday morning I went to see my Grandma at the home. She has been doing MUCH better this past week. It was determined her comatose state was mostly due to the combination of medications she was taking. Once they fixed that, her mental health has been so much better. And while she still remains very sick and in poor health, it was so nice that she knew who I was and that I was able to have a good visit with her.
I visited with her all morning and after lunch time headed to my sisters so my Grandma could take her afternoon nap. I spent the rest of the day with my family and it was so nice. We also got the news that my Grandma was going to be coming home on Saturday, so a hospital bed was delivered to the house and we went and got some new sheets and bedding that would fit the bed. I got her a few good magazines, a little bit of chocolate (that is a must with my grandma) and some beef jerky for her homecoming!
Saturday morning my mom and her husband Tom went to pick up my Grandma and when she came home we had a family party for her. It was so nice. It was hard because on the one hand, we were so happy she was home. But on the other hand, she is still very tired and sick, and we have to keep that in mind...especially when throwing a party ;) She was a good sport, but we didn't keep her too long so she could rest. Then my sisters, sister in law and mom and I went to see Eclipse together (it was my sister in laws and my moms first time seeing it). It was so much fun to finish the night off.
Sunday morning my Aunt came to see my Grandma (my Aunt had been out of town for the two weeks my Grandma was the sickest and so she was so anxious/worried to see her). While my Aunt had some alone time with my Grandma, I went with my mom, her husband Tom to my sister's ward with her family. It was so great. After church we had lunch at my sisters house. Here's where the best part of my trip comes in. On Sunday I was feeling a little like "I am glad I came but yet I feel like I didn't even get to spend so much time with Grandma cause she is still really sick and needs to sleep a lot." I wasn't dissappointed, but I was definetly feeling like I really needed some more time with Grandma. I told my sister that I needed to go and say goodbye to my grandma before leaving to come home and she suggested going right then rather than right before I leave because my Grandma would be sleeping soon. I know this all sounds silly, but it was meant to be. I went back and spent the next hour at my Grandma's bedside. It was so special. She and I had the best talk. Even though she was sick the whole trip, it was like for an hour she was herself and we had the best time together. She said some very special things to me that made every second of the trip worth it. I had immediate confirmation that I needed to take this trip. Even if it is not the last time I see my Grandma alive, I knew it was meant to happen. I am so grateful for that! are some highlight pictures from the trip, not in the right order....Starting with this absolutely gorgeous picture my brother took of my niece Olivia. I mean, seriously, it looks professional!
The twins, Jane and Mary. And seriously, I want these girls! ;)
Can you tell I want these girls?
Yes, I want these girls!
My mom with my grandma.
My brother Dave and me.
Grandma, me and Keaton.
Grandma, me and Keaton up a little closer ;) And can I just tell you that even when my Grandma is literally on her dealth bed, she will still be wearing her clip on earrings ;)

I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful legacy and so lucky to have my Colleen for my Grandma! Love you Forever Grandma!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's funny. After I wrote that last post, I changed my tune a little bit. I decided to really take advantage of the last week of having Kyler and Brayden home during the day. I really wanted to sulk up and ejoy every moment rather than count down the days until they go. And can I just say how much prayer really DOES help! Sunday was a much less hard day than Saturday, and I really felt like every talk and lesson had a message in it for me pertaining exactly to the issues I have been having with my kids! There was a scripture read during Sunday school that I swear was saying to me "relax, be a mom, have fun and let go and know that everyone else goes through this too." And I just felt at peace.

Soooo...enough rambling. Monday, let the fun begin! I took the boys to the Air and Space Museum in Layton. Now, normally I would get some friends together and we would all take our kids together and make it a big fun thing. I decided I wanted it to be just me and the boys. I wanted them to know my focus was 100% them. So we went and had a great time! I even let Keaton walk most of the time rather than ride in the stroller. It was so great. I was relaxed and just sulked it up. I do not, however, take very good pictures and the kids wouldn't cooperate. So only a few to show you...

Kyler and Brayden loved that you walk right underneath the airplaces/jets that were outside. It was really cool.
On the inside, of course the boys loved the shark faces and scary things they used to paint on the front of their jets.
Can you believe how everything got started? how someone figured out how to actually build and operate an airplaine/helipoter/everything. We are so lucky to have all these things already built and figured out for us.
I could not get these boys to be serious for the life of me.
Keaton is going through a pointing stage. he points at everything and makes a huge deal. So every picture, he is doing this...
And more of this:
And lots of this:
It is seriously SO Cute! We had a great time and I recognize how much I need to turn to prayer when I need a good refocus of things. I am so glad I can sulk up these great moments with my kids. We had a great time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The days of summer are nearing an end. And at the end of this day, today, I could not be MORE ready. I am sorry, but I am not one of those mom's who cries when my first child went off to kindergarden. Yes, it scared me. Yes, I missed him during the day. Yes it was a huge step in growing up and it DID make me sad. But have you met MY boys??? My boys fight. Like literally 75% of every day is the competetive boy fighting. And I can't take it anymore! I just can't. So when Kyler went off to Kindergarden, it provided the perfect break for him and Brayden. They were apart enough that they played nicely a lot of the time they were together after. Not always, but a lot more than before. So this summer has been killing me. I mean, I try not to yell. I really do try! Honestly, despite those of you who have heard me!!
I don't know what it is, but today has nearly killed me. Seriously. I'm going to go to bed to die right now. I woke up around 3:30 this morning restless. I was hot. I couldn't get comfortable so I went downstairs on the couch because it's leather and cold! It felt nice. I fell asleep quickly and woke up at 6:30 to Keaton crying. Not good. For one, Keaton wakes up happy and talking. For 2, it's an hour earlier than he's been waking up AND he went to bed an hour and a half late the night before. Okay, its going to be one of those days. I lay down with him in my bed. He looks over, points at Cortney and says "Dadda" several times. Okay, not going to be downstairs we go. To the couch. (normally, we go right to the booster seat for breakfast). I break out a bag of cereal (a ziploc filled with some cheerios), turn on cartoons and let Keaton eat on the couch. Yes, this is against my rules. I did not care this morning. I was so tired. And sore (Did I mention I have been doing Zumba and that combined with my other workouts is kicking my trash and I am so sore). So I was tired, and sore. And sore and tired. Keaton was great and I rested. Then Brayden came trickling down and Kyler too. We got up and had breakfast and got ready. We went to a yard sale (Me with the boys cause Cort was golfing today...Yes, I am nice wife). The boys were terrible at the yard sale. I had to actually put Kyler in time out by a tree while I was there...twice. Yup. And I was there for like 15 minutes, but it would have been less if I did not have to stop so many times to deal with Kyler. Anyways. So then we go home. I work out, which helps me feel better. I shower, get ready, the boys do chores and things are going smoothly. When Cort got home I ran some errands. (Have you ever left and ran errands thinking you were getting a break from the kids, etc. only to realize you have so much you want to accomplish while you are gone that it becomes more of a stress and somewhat overwhelming and then you only get a portion of it done before you have to be back? yeah, that was me today)When I got home, it was yard work and cleaning until like literally right now. I also ran to the store, again. And ran and copied the program for the church. And gave all three kids baths. And put them all to bed. And I have swept my floor twice today, Cortney swept it once too.
So am I ready for school to start you ask? YES! I am ready. Sure, I will miss going to the swim pool in a few short weeks. I will miss the summer laziness and lack of a serious schedule. I will miss some things about summer, especially the fun times with my boys...but I am SO ready to have my boys get a break from each other. And dare I say for me to get a break from them?! I am sad Kyler is growing up so fast. And Brayden too. I can't believe I have a child old enough to be in school all day. But as of this very moment, I just can't take it anymore! not one more negative fighting whining voice. Yay for school to start! YAY!! One more week...I can do this!!
Motherhood is a blessing. I have really been trying to focus on the cuteness of the cunningness of my Brayden. Did you get that? Brayden is cunning. He is brutal. Seriously, like he's NAUGHTY! And I have been trying to look at things in terms of how smart he is to actually come up with such a devious plan to do something so naughty. And he still gets punished, I am just trying not to be so negative. I don't want to be the mean mom all the time.
And one day I will miss all this. One day I will only dream and wish and hope for my kids not to be going to school. One day I won't want summer to end. But that day is not today.
So I am going to bed. I am saying my prayers. I am thanking Heavenly Father for my beautiful children and counting my blessings (and definetly throwing in a couple "help me have the strength to get through this week kind of deals). But then I am going to go to bed. And sleep my troubles away. And start off the new day tomorrow.
I have to make it through one more week!! Wish me luck.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reunion & Good Luck

So somehow last year we never learned about the NICU Reunion for Keaton at IMC. We never got an invite, and I was sad when I learned after it had already taken place that we had not known about it. So this year I have kept in touch with a few of Keaton's nurses (thank you facebook!) and they made sure I got my invite. It was so much fun. We go to Braydens NICU reunion every year and it is so nice to be able to see some of the nurses and doctors that helped me children through the most difficult times of their lives, not to mention mine!
At this Reunion, they had several different rooms filled with fun activities for the kids to do. And the nurses ran the stations. I saw 5 of Keaton's nurses, 2 of which were his "primary" nurses and my personal favorites! It was so great! I was disappointed that the doctors don't go to these Reunions (some of them come to the one for Brayden at a different hospital). I really wanted to see one doctor specifically because she was really special to me. But such is life! We had a great time anyways and as a family, it was a great experience!

Keaton happened to really love the rocking horse and one of the nurses came over and put a cowboy hat on him. It was so adorable!
In fact, we left this room several times and every time we walked by, Keaton ran in, grabbed the hat and hopped on. It was soooo cute.
Brayden and Keaton got their faces painted.

Another fun game. Brayden and Kyler played this while I chased Keaton in the hallway and met a cute triplet mom who is friends with my neighbor who is having triplets. Small world!
Outside they had firetrucks, ambulances, Lifeflight for the kids to explore. It was so great!

All the boys together!
And finally, ready for the Good Luck part of the post? First let me tell you that I wouldn't say I have bad luck, but I definetly wouldn't come anywhere close to having good luck. I mean, my life is good and things are good...but when it comes to having good luck on little every day things, I guess you could say I am clumbsy or something.... I am the kind of person who goes to get something down from the closet, and the whole shelf comes crashing down when I carefully remove one item. And not only does the shelf come crashing down, but I slip on a shoe in the process and fall on one of my kids, all at the same time. And this happens to me more than anyone else I know of!
I am the kind of person who is walking through the mall and one of my shoes breaks..this has happened to me several times. So can I go on forever giving you examples? Sure, but the reason for this rambling is that my husband has good luck. He's the kind of guy who buys one raffle ticket where the guy next to him buys 100 and my husband wins~! Seriously, he is always winning things. He won an IPOD recently. Casually. Most things he wins, he wins through golf tournaments through work sponsored events. Such is the life eh?
So what did he win??? A 42 inch plasma flat screen HD TV, that's what!!!!
We have a big screen downstairs, so we put this one in our master and guess what? It's too big to fit in our airmoire! So we put it on top, which is actually better cause we can see it much better from bed, and our other tv is in the playroom for now. It can only play movies for now, but I just LOVE our new tv!! Great Luck honey!

A New Day

Today is a new day. Yesterday was a hard day. And not hard in the "my kids were so terrible" kind of way. It was just an off day. I was so emotional...thank you woman hormones. I know that its not all woman hormones though. I have been pondering several things lately. I have been deep in thought and even distraught over some of them. Nothing bad is going on, it's not like that.
It's just a few little things I have been thinking about and thought I knew what the answers were but now I am not so sure.
As I was sitting in church yesterday I got teary eyed like 5 different times just deep in thought. I know that I don't need to be so frustrated or take things so seriously sometimes. I need to relax, let go, turn to the Lord for guidance and I know it will all work out.
So late last night as I was loading the dishwasher and deep in thought once again, I realized tomorrow (which is today) is a new day and new way to start the week. It is two weeks before Kyler starts school and I am going to let go of my worries and just put everything into the Lord's hands, like I know I need to do. I am going to sulk up every second with my boys and just have fun.
So today is a new day, the start of a new week, and a fresh new start. Here's to today.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Laughs Needed

Okay, so I reallllly needed to see this picture after the day I had today. My bro-in-law sent this this me tonight:

Now is that the stinkin most hilarious thing you have ever seen in your life??? I am laughing while I am typing this. Keaton makes me laugh- he has been so funny lately. And I reallly needed a laugh after the kind of day I had today. It was terrible and I don't even want to talk about it.
So just look at this adorable kid! He is so brave. He is growing up way too fast. And he is the only one who is not getting time outs a kazillion times a day for being least yet. So I am hanging on to that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

All Growed Up

Wow. Big things happening around our house this last week. I cannot believe that my oldest child is actually old enough to lose any teeth! I seriously cannot even believe it. He is growing up so fast. And as much as I am not one of those moms who cries when my children leave for school for the first time, etc. I am getting sad thinking about Kyler being in school ALL day this year. I mean, seriously. He's my bud.

He couldn't get over looking at his tooth, over and over and over and over again. And again.
Although this isn't the best picture of it, I quickly sewed a little pillow with a pouch to put Kyler's tooth it. Believe it or not, Cortney gave me the idea. He said he had a little tooth pillow when growing up where they put their teeth for the tooth fairy. So I made one, Kyler put the tooth in and put it under his pillow and whatdya know? The tooth fairy brough him 50 cents! That's the big time money you know.
His tooth was sooooo little. Which makes him look even bigger. Sniff, sniff.