Friday, February 25, 2011


I am completely torn on an issue and AM asking for comments, opinions on the matter please! So, Kyler has been talking to me for the last two weeks about having his own room.
Here's the backstory. Kyler had his own room until about 4 months before Keaton was born. (so about 3 years ago, roughly) I felt really strongly that Kyler and Brayden needed to share a room. It was very hard to say the least. Kyler and Brayden have completely different sleeping habits...and now they can play and mess around and talk instead of going to sleep. So it took some getting used to and although they have a good routine now, it is STILL hard sometimes. Now, on the flip side of this- I DO think it has brought them closer together. I DO believe it eliminated a jealousy factor that would have occured had one of them shared a room with Keaton- the other would have felt left out. I do think there have been many positives with this.
The funny thing is, Kyler sometimes gets scared and sleeps with Brayden. So Cortney and I talked about it last night and he said we should do a week trial run. One of them sleeps in the guest bedroom and tries it out. I AGREE with this, however, it won't be the same as if they have a new complete room of their own and their own bed to sleep in...right??? I think that does make a difference.
So, we DO have an extra room in our house that currently serves as a guest room and my wipey case office. We have an unfinished basement that everything can be moved into-- and well thats all fine and good for my wipey case stuff, I really do wonder how we will handle company. Should I just make Kyler bunk with Brayden for a night? The kids wouldn't care about this, but this means company sleeping in a twin bed rather than a queen. And thats another thing, part of me thinks the boys will end up having campouts in each others rooms and all anyways, so am I really making this into a bigger deal than it really is?
Part of me really thinks that this would help Kyler with his confidence, which is something he struggles with. I feel like it might even help him focus more on his school work because I plan to set up a little desk/study area for him and I think he would feel completely special with it. On the flip side, will Brayden suffer from this? Should I move Keaton in with Brayden since they have similar sleeping habits of just leave them all their own rooms (for now). I don't want all my kids to have their own rooms all the time- I just don't. I think they develop great qualities by sharing and taking turns getting their own rooms, so I am struggling with this issue!! I don't want to make it more than I need to, which is exactly what I am doing.
Part of me reallllly thinks this is a good idea, I am just struggling with all the "what-ifs" and all. AND I don't want to take away my guest room for when my family comes to visit. We really truly love having them and I feel like it makes life a lot easier for them to have their own room/space when they come.
So, I ultimately will decide with Cort what is best. BUT I would appreciate any insight any of you have that might open my eyes a little more clearly on the subject at hand. Please. I need help!! ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Growing Up Too Fast

Okay, you need to meet Harrison. He is my sweet new nephew, a week old tomorrow (Sunday). My little sis had her first baby 5 1/2 weeks early (not related to why I have my babies early) and this little guy has had to spend time in the NICU until he can eat better.

He's had a little jaundice and a few little hiccups that are normally for early babies, but does he LOOK little to you? This little chunky munky was 6 pounds 4 ounces my friends. He has ROLLS already. So it's hard because they don't want to treat him like a preemie, but he acts like one and needs the care of one- but seriously, ROLLS! I LOVE baby ROLLS!! ;)) I can't wait to meet him in person. I love him already. My little sis has had a bumpy road but she is close to bringing him home and can't wait to get life really truly started as a family of 3. I am so excited for her...did I mention he has ROLLS? And did you see that double chin? I just can't even get over it. I am a baby person, if you can't tell...
So speaking of babies...what happened to mine? My 22 pound Peanut Keaton is growing up WAAAAAAY faster than my other two. And it's NOT FAIR!! I want him to stay young. Not just little, but young. So a few weeks ago he decided he was completely done with his booster seat. Oh yeah, forget about it. No more sitting up to the table with a little bit of height to him, he is sitting on his knees and aint nothing I can do about it. I can't even belive it. And I am sure if I let him, he would be out of his carseat too! That is just not happening, obviously. I just can't believe the attitude he gives me over such things. Sheesh!

So how can he change from this??? (notice the binky covers half his face, he was about 3 pounds here)
TO THIS: Seriously! He is SOOOO LIITLE! And yet he does so much that is beyond his age that I often get strange looks from people...
He just does things and says things that a normal 2 1/2 - 3 year old would, but he looks like he is about a year old, so it's crazy! I just can't take it. So this last week he has started climbing out of his crib. Can I tell you that first of all, to get his little legs all the way over the crib is quite impressive because he practically does the middle splits to do it. But he does it. Cort has felt for some time that Keaton was ready for the toddler bed. But I have not been even close to ready. Putting him into the toddler bed comes with a whole new mess of issues. Now we have to leave his door open at night, which means he will get out of bed 100 times and he will get up super early to discover he has the freedom to get out of bed, so he will. I am not ready to deal with that. However, with that being said, I finally caved tonight because I had no choice. The little guy is getting out of the crib either way and banging on the door. And the toddler bed was already in his room and he has played in it before. So I had a talk with him, showed him the bed and he lit up. He was so excited to be a big boy like his brothers. That is all he wants to do. He wants to do everything like his brothers.

So as I am putting him in the new bed tonight, he says "Daddy night night?" I said Yes. He says "kyler night night, Brayden night night?" I said "Yes. And now Keaton night night." And he says "ok mom." Of course it wasn't that easy. He still fought me and got out of bed 100 times. I ended up closing the door and letting him cry for a while, then I opened it and told him that I would leave it open if he stayed in bed and it worked! I cannot even believe how mature he is. He gets so much more than I even know. I just can't belive he is growing up so fast.

SIGH. All three boys, no more babies. Sniff Sniff. I am not ready for this.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Every year a company that Cort's work contracts with (or something like that) invites us to an Annual Snowmobiling trip at Daniel's Summit. It's one night and we get there around dinner time, have dinner, have activities and games and prizes that night. The next day we get up early, eat breakfast and head on out for 3 hours of snowmobiling! We have only been able to go once, but last time we went is very strong in my memory because while we were there I started suspecting I was pregnant (9 months later = Keaton)... Don't get any ideas folks...not this time around! It's just a good memory! ;) But Cort's parents watched our kids so we could go and it was so nice!

The beautiful snow, trees and nature.
More scenery while we are driving around.

So we did this the weekend before Valentine's Day, so we counted it as our Valentine's Night and it was great!
On Monday we made it all about Valentine's with the kids. We set the table all fun for them with their valentines out and some candy and dessert after dinner, etc. They also got plenty of Valentine's at school and so it was a really fun day for them.
Good times. Can't wait for this trip next year! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 1 DOWN!

So I decided for my first big project, it would have to be something that would benefit me almost immedietly. Some of my other projects, like organizing things in the basement, will be great except that I hardly ever go to the basement (it's unfinished and just storage). So I will save that for another time and I started with my wipey case office...and with that the whole guest bedroom had to be organized with it. The bedroom itself was pretty clean and organized, but the closet, where my wipey case office is...well, that was not.

Okay, so here is taking out ALL the fabric that was in there to sort it.
The corner of the closet and floor...or lack thereof! Before:
Now, my desk isn't NORMALLY this messy, but I had just been working on some major projects sooooo...Also, pay attention to under my desk as desk before:
This little random misc. bookcase we got for free and really don't have a good purpose for it. So before:
This is the bed DURING my this is not what it normally looks like, this is all stuff from my closet/office:
Here are some of my fabrics organized afterwards:
This is a corner afterwards: Isn't it amazing!
The top of the closet now (although I guess I didn't show a before of this) AFTER:
My desk AFTER:
I still need to figure a better way to organize my ribbon where I can grab a spool at random, see all the different ribbons I have all at once and have it look nice.
But overall, it only took me a day working on it...not a full day, but a day working on it while also taking care of the kids, getting them meals, changing diapers and all that stuff. So I had a lot of breaks, but it really wasn't that bad. And now it is so much better! 1 project down, about 10 more projects to go!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just normal life

Do I dare say this has been a mild winter as far as colds go in our house. Last year, during this exact week, Keaton got RSV and was sent to the hospital. This year he has had two colds, but neither have been very bad.
But just take a look at this sweet little face...I mean, seriously?
Poor wittle guy. He is totally fine now...I took these last week when he had a bad cold. He was just so blah. But, like I said, he is well now and I am so happy if this is the worst this cold season has and will bring us!
So what have I been up to? Besides taking care of sick kids last week, I took on one major project off my to-do list/goals for this year and will post pictures in another post. I have been Zumba-ing my little heart out. I LOVE ZUMBA!! it is so much fun and this is one of my fav. Zumba instructors Irma.
Now speaking of "workout out"...I took one look at Keaton's legs the other day and thought to myself...He did NOT get those legs from me...bird legs!
It's just a shame that I can't look that lean in high heels! He is going through a shoe stage...anyones shoes, anytime.
There is so much more to post, but I don't have any time! Cause you know I was called to be the Young Women's Girl's camp DIRECTOR?! Not leader, not helper, DIRECTOR! Me! Seriously! Soooooooo, life is going to get busy from now until like forever. I am way excited and freaked all at the same time. Will post more soon, promise!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All things 31

Being a mom is a wonderful thing. But once you are a mom, your job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your sick, you still have to work. And so when you have a birthday- even though you can do things to make it extra special- you still have to do all the normal things of your life. Make breakfast for the kids, get them off to school, etc. Most birthdays since I have had kids have come and gone with little excitement, HOWEVER, this year was great!
Now, the first disclaimer I want to make is no birthday is ever the same since I moved away from Arizona because my dear mother and I share the same special b-day (along with a niece of mine as well) and we used to celebrate every b-day together. Last year I was lucky enough to spend my b-day in AZ with my mom, but it just didn't work out for this year. So I must say that no matter how wonderful my birthday's are, it will never be the same when my mom and I are apart, and that is just the way it is! LOVE YOU MOM!
Secondly, I am blessed to have the best friends and family ever to pamper me and make me feel more special on my birthday than I can remember feeling on a birthday before! My birthday started the weekend BEFORE my big day. Some of my friends arranged for a fun little bowling party with our families...

It was a blast except for this little stinker who we really had to be careful with. He seemed to think he could lift a bowling ball. We helped him bowl a few times, but he really didn't seem to get that the bowling balls were heavier than he is! ;)
Kyler and Brayden loved it! Cortney and I helped them a bit but they got it on their own too.
There goes Brayden's ball, I think it was a strike!
Just a few of my lovely lady friends...
It was a great night and we had so much fun! On Sunday, the day before my birthday, Cort and the kids made me a German Chocolate Cake! And I had no idea cause I was sleeping on the couch while they made it. It was delicious!
Then Monday, WOOOWWW! So all before leaving the house to get the kids off to school I had 3 phone calls of Birthday Wishes. During the drive, a few more calls. Aerobics was one of the hardest workouts of my life-which was exactly what I wanted and needed- and lots of birthday wishes from friends there. On to get Brayden from preschool and I get two phone calls with wonderings of where I am...I apparently had two deliveries to my door--one, a plate of goodies from a sweet neighbor, the next flowers from my sweet friend Sandra. Throughout the day I got a package from my mom and Sister, over 80 messages of Birthday wishes on Facebook and several more sweet doorbell ringings with goodies/lotions, etc. It was amazing!!
We ended the night with my favorite- A steak dinner with baked potato and cooked veggies (I dont have steak or potatos very often but they are my FAVORITE). Then lots of cake and desserts...a wonderful FHE given by Kyler followed by birthday spankings from all of my kids.
Finally, my friends had me over for desserts, goodies of all kinds, diet coke galore, presents and just plain old gossip and girl talk! It was so great! I can't remember the last time so many different people went out of their way to make me feel so special. It really was a very special day.

So I took this picture to show, 1, the flowers my friend sent me (and yes, I put them in my bathroom because I just wanted to, okay!) and 2, to show that Cort got me a hand mirror for my bathroom (next to the flowers on the right). YAY! He always remembers that one little thing I mentioned I wanted like a year ago and never got...then he surprises me the exact one I would have picked out! It was great!
All in all, minus being apart from my mom on our birthdays, it was the best it could be! Thanks again for my friends and family for all the phone calls, e-mails, notes, cards, presents, parties, everything!! Now back to real life...