Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Super Climber!

Keaton is a super climber. About three weeks ago, Keaton climbed halfway up the stairs before we even noticed he had left the room! It was crazy. Ever since, climbing the stairs is literally the ONLY thing he wants to do. If the stairgate isn't up, he is climbing the stairs. If the stairgate IS up, he is at the bottom of the stairs banging on the stairgate and crying. It's his favorite thing to do!
Look at me mom, I am super fast!
And seriously, he really does seem sooo little to be able to do this!

YAY Mom, I'm such a big boy!
Halfway there, and not stopping yet! ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shout Out!

I have to give credit to WellsFargo for handling a recent situation I had- I wanted to share because I strongly believe customer service is lacking from most businesses these days. So I need to give a shout out to the peeps at Wells.

A few weeks ago I went to cash out from the ATM and noticed by balance was off by around $53. Thats a big chunk of change. So when I got home I looked up my account and sure enough, there was a $53 charge from a company named dri'swreg.com. It was so weird. I have never heard of the company. When I tried to pull it up, there was no website by that name. When I googled the name, a ton of people had fraud claims against them and when reading some postings, I learned that this company is known for randomly charging people that have never even visited their website. So anyhow, I immedietly called wellsfargo customer service and they cancelled my account, opened a fraud investigation against the company and within a few days had credited my account the money back while the investigation was going on.

Once the investigation was through, I was refunded the money from the company, who clearly had falsley charged me and now all is well. I am very pleased with how quickly everything was handled by the bank and feel that my satisfaction was very important to them.

Soooo, credit should be given where credit is due- If you are having problems with your bank, I trust wellsfargo!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scatter Sunshine

So my Father in law has a garden, cause people here in Utah have gardens...and so the other day he handed me this:

Well what the heck is this? It's a dried up dead sunflower. Okay, um, thanks. So what should I be doing with this?
Look closer and you see the thousands of sunflower seeds. What?! Sunflowers actually are where sunflower seeds came from?! Well DUH Elizabeth. So I had a life lesson learned there cause I am not always the brightest bulb in the package and never actually thought about the fact that sunflower seeds actually DO come from a sunflower. So we gutted this bad boy...
Threw 'em on a cookie sheet and baked at 275 for about 7 mins...and the the final result is pretty bland sunflower seeds.

I am sure there are some ways I could have seasoned them and snazzied them up...but let me just tell you, it takes FOREVER to take all the seeds out and so, let's just say it is so NOT worth it! Sunflower seeds cost a piddlin amount, so yeah, it was a fun experience, but one we are not going to do again.
On a more exciting note...I am going to lunch tomorrow with my two favorite nurses of Keatons!! YAY!! And of course, Keaton is coming too and is super excited, I can totally tell! ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Joys of School

School has changed my life! With Kyler being gone to Kindergarden in the afternoon, the younger boys have been taking naps...which means sometimes I take a nap too! It has been heavenly. And when Kyler and Brayden are together, they don't fight nearly as much because they have had some time apart. YAY for school.

Soooo, on that note, a bunch of us moms in the neighborhood that have kids that are ready for preschool but yet have b-days that put them either taking two years of preschool or one year of preschool and one year of "Im so ready and so bored and need to get out of house." So we arranged a joyschool for this year and will send our kids to preschool next year ;) There are 7 kids, so that means I teach once every 7 weeks! We put together a lesson plan and coordinated the lessons with the times of year, field trips, etc. We each prepared something big to contribute (I made cd's with music for music time), some moms made weather charts, picture charts, etc. It is just like preschool but a little more flexible, less expectations and obviously rotating houses and not at school. So Brayden started this week and it is so cute! He feels like such a big boy. Since Kyler has been in school, we go to the bus stop for that and Brayden wears his backpack and waits in line with Kyler, but doesn't actually get on the bus (although he would if I let him). So now for joyschool he gets his backpack on and loves it. And it's in the morning on Tues/Thurs so I have some free time those mornings and afternoons to run errands/do things with one less kid! whoo hoo!

The funny thing here...I don't let my kids pick out fancy backpacks or anything yet...I just buy the cheapest one and will deal with the fancy shmancy ones (Spiderman, superhero's, etc) later in their lives when they actually care about it...so this backpack is actually almost as big as Brayden!

And just so you know...when he got home from school we were playing outside, he unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and ran around...it was all I could do to get him to keep his pants on...I know thats a fun visual for you!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Party Time!!

Hello Ladies! It's time to start planning. I wanted to let everyone know about a Boutique/Party Amber Schick is having at her house on October 7th from 6:30-8:30pm. Start saving your money now because there will be several vendors selling very cute merchandise that you won't want to miss out on! There will be men and women designer jeans (True Religion, Miss Me, Rock Revival, etc.) and designer Shirts and Hoodies (Ed Hardy, Affliction, etc.). There will also be Hats, Purses and Jewlery. There will also be shoes and Scentsy! Also, for the first time, she will be having a few vendors that are selling Baby Items. One of those vendors is my LizzyLuu Designs Diaper/Wipey Clutch's! Please bring all your family, friends and neighbors to a great girls night out! It is a perfect time to start your your holiday shopping or just spoil yourself! Please e-mail Amber or call her with any questions. I hope to see ALL of you there!

Also, please note there will be no presentations, its an Open House!

Amber Schick can be contacted at amberschick@ymail.com

If you have any questions regarding my wipey clutch's, please drop me a line and I will give you details! ;) elizabeth.larson@gmail.com

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Cougars

Okay, so I married into a BYU family. Not just a BYU hubby, but his entire family are all BYU nuts! They love it. His dad has a permanate seat or something so he will never lose his tickets until he sells his seat. I don't know the details...why you ask? I support my hubby and his love for the game, I cheer for the cougars and make fun of the U fans, etc. But I really don't know ANYTHING about football. Today was the first football game of the season and it was an "away" game, so this means rather than Cortney going for 7 hours to see the game with his Dad (cause Cort gets season tickets with his brother every year...I am a nice wife right?), that he watched it on tv.
And our kids...they do not have a choice. They have been wearing BYU stuff since they were 6 months old and so now they are huge BYU nuts too. So today I made some nachos and some cookies and the kids got all their gear on, brought down their BYU blankets and sat next to Cort on the couch and kept saying "Go BYU." It was so cute!

And by the way, notice Keatons face in this picture? This is as good as it gets when Cortney is holding him. He was crying at first but I finally got him to stop for a quick second...yeah, he is a super de-duper mama's boy now...

Back to football, so now that Cort's ankle is getting better and he can do a little more than he used to be, he will be abandoning me every Saturday to either watch a game on the tube, or leave for like 7 hours to go to Provo with the guys for a live game. A single mother I am destined to be for a long time. It's okay. I am getting used to it. And really, I can't complain because my hubby lets me do so many things, including many girls nights...so I think we may just about be even! Okay, not really close, but getting there honey! ;) ;) ;0
And so by the way, the Cougars totally won tonight! Rise and Shout the cougars are out...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Soooo....I have been to a kazillion different fabric stores/craft stores to get more of the fabric I regularily use. I have had some orders and have been working on a tonn of wipey cases for a boutique I am part of next month...and the fabric stores (all kazillion of them at many different locations) have been out of some of my most popular fabric and ribbon and I have been so frustrated because they can't even figure out if they are going to be getting more in...so after some searching, I have made some fabulously new wipey cases with fabric I found at Hobby Lobby that I love even better!!!

Sooo...since things have been busy for me, and I really needed some better pictures of my new stuff, I have totally redone my name, site, etc. for my diaper wipey cases.

Check it out! http://www.lizzyluu.vpweb.com/

And I must say...I am not done with it- I really should wait to let all this info out until it's perfect but I am just too excited!! So some of the pics need some touching up, and some more work needs to be done. And there are more wipey case pictures to post...but for now, it is looking pretty dang good.

I must say a HUGE thanks to my sis Bekah for helping me figure out some better ways to take pictures of the cases and spice up everything. I wish she were here or I were there to be doing this together, along with my sis Sarah who has been a huge motivation with great ideas and who is a faithful customer might I add!! ;) And a huge thanks to my friend Debi for helping push me to get this thing going...And of course my hubby for letting me spend lots of money perfecting these and making them great...Okay, enough of the oscar speech!

I am having fun, super busy and loving all of it!! Now order away for those baby showers ladies!