Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So this morning was typical to start. I get the boys breakfast, turn on cartoons and go upstairs to nurse Keaton.

As I was feeding Keaton, I heard the boys downstairs scooting a chair across the kitchen floor. It occured to me I had left the cookie jar (full of candy) on the counter rather than putting it on the fridge (heaven forbid with my children) so the kids were getting into the cookie jar. This is not so terrible of a thing I am thinking, so I am going to finish feeding Keaton, then go deal with it.

But when I made my way downstairs, I saw a much worse situation.

Brayden had taken an entire bottle of food coloring (RED OF COURSE) and dumped it all over the CARPET!! It took me over an hour and a half...lots of towels...
An entire can of this (and more if I had had any more)...

Many many helpings of this...

And then to top it all off, I put the oxy clean on the counter by the sink as I was cleaning up (heaven forbid it be within a chairs reaching) and when I ran upstairs to try and get dressed for aerobics which I was now late for...Brayden dumped the entire bucket on the floor. This picture is after I had already cleaned up a lot of it...

Brayden spent a long time in time out...I spent a lot of time at a friends house venting...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a Week!

So the past two weeks have been crazy busy with a million doctors appointments for all of us being sick. We are finally healthy and well. Keaton is still a little congested, but mostly well and getting so big.
We decided to bless Keaton at home today because we cannot take him to church for a long time and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. My younger sister Bekah and her new husband Kendall came all the way from Arizona for the occasion and we had so much fun! We went bowling and out to dinner yesterday, then did a ton of baking to have nice yummy refreshments today. We invited just family and the Bishop and his wife, and it was such a special experience.
I have made (sewed) all three boys baby blessing outfits, but Keatons was the hardest because it had a ton of pleats in the pattern! I am not very good at reading patterns and my mother in law helped me so I made it correctly and it turned out very nice! And Keaton was very happy and smily for the blessing, so that even made it better. It has been a long week preparing, but it was a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Naughty Boys

Okay, so my boys can be really naughty- No surprises there. Especially the most innocent looking white haired boy Brayden. he is the mastermind behind the most evil plots.

His newest excitement has been when he wants a snack, he opens the fridge to get it himself. Okay, this is a good thing in some cases. But not for Brayden. It is very BAD! He opens every yogert container, etc. So we have been trying to teach him NOT to open the fridge.

So Monday as I was upstairs getting ready for the day, I could hear him and Kyler playing downstairs and watching cartoons. They'd already eaten breakfast, so I was safe to take a few minutes and get ready. The biggest give-away in my house that trouble is coming is when they are playing silently. So the fact that I could hear them playing, I believed they were actually playing with their toys.

This was not so. Brayden had taken every popsicle out of the fridge, out of their individual wrappers and had had put them on the coffee table in the living room. Then he found some scissors (which he used a chair to climb up onto the counter to reach) and opened up the package of cheese and was cutting the cheese with the scissors.

So the final result now is a lock on the fridge. Do I really have another boy now who will grow up to do these same mischevious naughty things? ~SIGH~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brayden is 3!

My white haired crazy boy turned 3 this week. It is hard to believe that 3 years ago he completely changed our lives forever by not only entering this world, but by entering it so suddenly only 18 minutes after I got to the hospital...and came over 3 months early! My little 2 1/2 pounder is still smal for his age...but all 25 pounds of him now is a fun loving crazy "monkey boy." We had a small party for him in AZ before we left, and a small party here on his actual birthday. And later that night, while I was on the couch feeding Keaton, Brayden was behind me at the table singing "Happy Birthday to me..." over and over again. After about 10 minutes, I realized it was a long time for Brayden to sit at the table and I got up and saw that he had taken the entire top off the cake and was putting it on plates to eat...that is sooooo Brayden.
And as a side note, this year is the first year I made a really lame cake. I just did not have the energy or the instead of asking Brayden what type of cake he wanted (like a train or elmo, both ones I have done and they looked amazing), I just had him pick out a box mix at the store in the color he wanted. LAME! So there you have it, my beautiful cake this year was not made...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun Times with Family

My mom, sisters and I together! (although I must say it was a lot of effort for us to take this picture at this particular time on this particular day, and lets just leave it at that!)
Nammie holding Keaton for the first time...Keaton was being a stinker for the picture!

My Dad and his wife Helen with Keaton.

This was ME!

Aunt Bekah with the trouble making boys!
Keaton and his cousin, wearing the same cute!!

Christmas morning, presents are so much fun!!

The boys waiting in the hallway, begging to go see what Santa left for them...

So we packed up the family and went to Arizona for Christmas this year. We stayed with my mom and had a wonderful time. The kids were harder this trip than they have been in the past, but mostly I believe it's because we majorly slacked off on keeping them with their nap schedule and bedtime routine. So they were overtired the entire trip.

We still had a wonderful Christmas! It was so fun to have all my siblings together on Christmas day, even though two of my brothers were sick. And speaking of sick...every year as we travel to Arizona for various visits, one of us always gets sick. Last Christmas Cortney was sick for 5 full days! It is always something that lasts more than just 24 hours...and sometimes its because were exposed to someone who is sick, but sometimes its simply just because we are in a new place. Anyhow...this year, it was ME! Luckily though, it was really only a 12 hour deal of the flu and the worst of it was really more like 8 hours. Totally managable. We all came home with colds, but they are minor and I am glad it did not take away from our trip.

And now that we are home, I am glad to be sleeping in my own bed, because I really love my bed, but I already miss all my family in Airzona...