Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have a Dream

Quite often I have weird dreams. I am either a weird person, or just have weird dreams...probably both! But I had a very interesting dream last night. I dreamt that I called Matel (toy maker?) and told them I had a design for a new Barbie that would blow every other barbie out of the water. I was smart, sassy and sophisticated with my presentation just to get the interview on showing them my design, and then when I had the interview, I was killer. I acted as if I had been in the business for years. I was amazing!! I showed them my design and they loved it. Now for the great part...the design was actually a barbie of my younger sister Bekah!! ( She is super cute, and apparently on my mind last anyhow, the Barbie was a super hit, and I became instantly famous for it! I love it! :)

And speaking of my cute sis, my neighbor, Jessica Kettle, ( looks so much like my sister that my friends have mistaken them for each other before. This picture doesnt even do justice to how much they look alike, but you get the idea. So below is me and Jessica...who by the way, is an amazing photographer. And yes, terrible picture of me, I know...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A crazy weekend

So last weekend was crazy busy. Cort's brother got married, so we all got together and had a great time!! We went snowmobiling (will post pics of that later) and had lots of fun spending time with the family all together. Two of Cortney's sisters were pregnant right along with me and we all were due within a month and a half of each other. I had Keaton first, even though I was due in between the two. But it was so fun to get all of our babies together and take a picture!

My silly boys one morning, they love to get in bed with me and Cort when we first wake up, so I let them cuddle together.

Cortney's brothers and sisters after the funny!!

And finally, the happy couple! They are so much in love, it is so fun!!
More to come later...

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Sweet Brayden

Brayden was doing something miraculous this morning...he was playing in the playroom, by himself, not doing anything NAUGHTY! And to my surprise, he came into me, who was on the computer, and says, "Mom, I have somefing to show you" (and no, somefing is not a typo, thats exactly how he said it!) and I said, "ok, show me." and he grabbed my hand and led me to the playroom and exclaimed, "I cleaned up the playroom!"

As you can see, Brayden took all the toys he was playing with, and pushed them into a corner. Sweet boy! More to come later...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shock and Horror and Wow...

Well this Valentines Day has turned out to be the worst one I have ever had, however, it has nothing to do with my husband! We had a great time together this morning with a special breakfast, exchange of cards, etc. and had a party last night with some friends where we did fondue.
What happened this morning I have greatly debated even writing about, but thought I needed to just get it all out. This morning we left as a family to go see our dear Bishops wife who was in the hospital. We had Valentine treats to give her, but there was a major snow storm. The roads weren't too bad yet, but I was only driving around 20-25 mph. (Cort broke his ankle again this week, so cannot drive). As we rounded a corner on the Kaysville frontage road, there were several cars pulled over in what looked like people were helping someone get their car unstuck from the side of the road in the snow. She was halfway in the road, but over to the side and as I turned the corner, I started to gradually slow down because I could tell I would have to turn the car to miss hitting them. Unfortunetly when I slowed down, the brakes locked and I went right into the car. The worst part of this was not hitting the was hitting the MAN standing right beside the car who was helping push it out of the snow at the time. It all happened so fast, so I barely had laid on the horn when I hit. The man went flying...and Cortney jumped out and called 911. I jumped out, crying hysterically of course, yelling out "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." He was laying in the snow, and there was a woman holding his head. To my surprise, this nice man reached out for me to hold his hand. I held his hand while he laid in the snow. Many people who had stopped to help had gotten blankets out of their car to wrap around him as he lay in the freezing snow. This man told me he was 29 and that every few years he gets into a bad accident. He said his last accident he was in a truck that rolled over and he broke 32 bones in his body. I could not believe this poor man! As he continued to be covered in blankets, he asked that the blankets be positioned so he could see my face. He told me that for some reason my face comforted him. I could not believe it! My heart was broken for what I put this man through. I could not believe all that had happened. And yet, he was being nice to me!!
The ambulance came, the snow kept falling, several police cars came. I did not get a ticket because it was an accident that they deemed not my fault. So we eventually came home where I sat in my room with the door locked and cried for a long time. I still could not believe what had happened. After several hours, the police officer from the accident called me with incredible news...which is quite frankly the only reason I can even talk about this already...
This man, the man who flew through the air because I HIT HIM WITH MY CAR...was getting released from the hospital with NOTHING WRONG!! Cortney and I had talked about how we believed his legs were broken, possible hip fractures, etc. and yet, he was walking away totally fine. Well, I am going to assume with bruising and pain, but nothing serious. I know that the Lord is involved in this...thats obvious I mean! Really, I cannot believe it. So now I have at least a weight lifted from my shoulders as I at least know that this man is okay. I finally got this man's information from the police and plan to call him later. I sent him some cookies with the police officer (I know cookies can hardly do the trick), and I know it was an accident and that he was not mad...but I feel completely terrible for what happened...I know its going to take a while before I can put this behind me...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sneaky Boys...

Keaton loves to lay in his crib and look at the mobile, and Kyler and Brayden love to sneak into his crib with him and love on him. I can't get mad when they are this cute about it!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


How come kids need a drink of water before bed every night? And how come I am always frustrated when they ask for one after they are already tucked into bed? I cannot possibly be surprised by this considering they do it every night...and yet, somehow I am. Hmmm....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

You say it's your Birthday

So this post is a little later than I wanted, but it just didn't happen yesterday. Friday night Cort and I got to go out together, alone, without the kids!! We went to ward temple night, and it was so great!! When we came back, Brayden had yet another battle wound. That boy is a monkey and almost always has a bruise! So this time, it was Kyler who inflicted it. He pushed Brayden into a table and Brayden hit is at just the right angle to split his cheek open. Cortney's mom, who luckily is a nurse and had her butterfly strips on hand, was able to tape him back together and the strips will dissolve in about a week...yeah, I am not surprised...and I guess having 3 boys, I can't let things like this get to me!!

Yesterday was my Birthday- YEP, the big 29...but it was also my mom's birthday and my neices birthday. My family lives in AZ and my neice was baptised yesterday, so it was a special day...but it also meant that my mom and I could not celebrate together. Growing up we celebrated by going to Marie Calendar's and each getting a piece of coconut cream pie (our favorite). Since I have moved away, my mom and I have only celebrated it together once or twice, but in spirit, we are eating that pie together!!
So I wanted to post that I have an absolutely wonderful mother. And even though it is hard to live far from each other, we are still extremely close. probably closer now that even before I moved away. She is an example to me and is truly one of my best friends! I am lucky to have her as my mother! Thanks for all you do for me mom. I can't wait to see you again soon!