Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm alive and want to blog.  Really, I do!  Life has been so CRAZY that I feel like how can I sit down and blog when my house is a mess and my kids are sick, etc.???
But I wanted to post something quick tonight because tonight I felt so excited and happy about life.
I thought to myself, you know, life is hard.  Like, realllllly hard.  BUT life is also so wonderful.  I was looking in on my sleeping children and thinking how lucky I am to have 4 sleeping, beautiful wonderful relatively healthy children!  How lucky am I to have a beautiful home, warm bed, loving husband and a great family.  Last weekend I had some family in town for my Grandmother's funeral (I will have to post about that later).  I never thought I would have so many family members in my house at the same time.  It was WONDERFUL!  I could have sat on my couch doing nothing with them and it would have just been wonderful.  Family is the most important thing.  And as I at times feel sorry for myself and how hard things can be with Paxton, I think how lucky I am to HAVE HIM.  How lucky to see his cute little smile at me, even when he is sick.  We truly are blessed in this life.  And I am grateful. 
More later.