Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yeah Camping!!

Kyler flashed us the cutest smile ever for this picture, but as you can see, with his face covered in dirt, it looks really silly!
Brayden refused to smile for any pictures, so this was the best I could do to get him even looking at me! And no, that's not his Dora chair!!
Ah, one of the best moments of the trip was the ride home where both boys fell asleep!
All the kiddos camping! So fun!!

We had the opportunity to go camping this weekend with my mother in law and a few of our neighbors/friends. It was a blast. The kids ran through the dirt, poked each other with sticks (okay, so mainly Kyler poked until he got into big trouble) and we played some fun games and got to know each other better. We love camping, and although I don't know how much longer this pregnancy will let me feel comfortable, I hope we can go several more times this summer.

EWWWWW Snails!

So if I am going to have three boys now, I better not let myself get grossed out by a few snails, right? We were at in-laws this week for a few minutes, and with their beautiful garden also come snails- which Kyler LOVES. So he begged to bring his two new "best friends" home with him and I said fine. They crawled up and down his arms in the car and when we got home, we made a little home for them in an old box. Kyler and Brayden took care of them for several days before we had to let them go so we could go camping. Anyhow, Kyler told us every day how much the snails loved it. Very sweet. What can I say? Another boy on the way...more snail loving fun!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ahhhh, the many stages of Pregnancy

So far I am 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and bigger than I have ever been at that stage! But it is always a must to have some fun pregnancy pictures! My friend Risa took some very cute pictures of me today in her beautiful backyard to catch me at what should be the middle stage of my pregnancy...I am getting bigger and bigger by the meal, so this will probably be it for the pregnancy photos!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brayden's wearing Underwear!!!

So our little Brayden has been a big boy lately with sucessfully going to the bathroom almost every time in the toilet! He always wears underwear at home (usually with clothes on as well), and has been so easy to train! We are loving it! And he loves being a big boy, although I must say even the smallest underwear look more like boxer briefs on his little bottom!!

Sleepy Sundays...

So everyone in our house took naps on Sunday, and Brayden woke up a little early from his before he really felt rested, so Cort brought him downstairs and they both slept some was a nice relaxing Sunday to say the least...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Another lovely shopping trip to Walmart...

WHOA!!! So the last two times I have been to Walmart, my little Brayden has been frustrated that he can't just run around the whole time. So when he is in the cart, he causes trouble. Last week he started throwing everything I put in the cart OUT! So as I am telling him that he is going to sit in time out, he picks up the carton of eggs and dumps them out. Seriously. So today I attempted another shopping trip and this time he was better at first (after many reminders of the last trip and what would happen to him if he behaved that way again). So near the end of our trip the kids were helping me put things in the cart, but it started to include things I wasn't asking them to put in. Brayden threw in a carton of blueberries and yes, it dumped out everywhere. But the worst was that I did not know it until I nearly slipped on blueberry juice because my kids were stomping them into the ground!!! How can I have ANOTHER boy you ask? I just don't know...I know for sure I am going to do my grocery shopping at night now, without my kids!!!