Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Doctor Debate

I am going to whine. Yesterday and today were rough days. Tuesday I had my big 20 week ultrasound- which was awesome. Seeing this little man move around, have the hiccups at one point, and show off his man-hood to the camera as much as possible, was awesome. But can I tell you how dissapointed I was when I learned my Dr. had to change his shift for some reason and couldn't see me. My Dr. is amazing. I love him, and he knows ME. He takes me seriously. He knows I don't complain about something unless I am worried. He knows what needs to be done when I worry. Soooo...I was sad he wasn't there because I had a worry to talk about. The Dr. I saw was good. She didn't necessarily brush off my concerns, but she thought they were nothing to worry about.

I told her I wasn't sure, but I thought I may have had a contraction or two in the past few weeks. I told her I never have contracted before I have actually started my downwhirl spiral into labor. It's always two weeks before I have the baby, I slowly start contracting. First one here, one there, then several a day, then every hour, then close together, etc. AND nothing happens for me until it happens. So I will contract for 2 weeks without any dialation, without my cervix shortening/thinning-nothing, until the day before I deliver. Same pattern for my last two boys. Now, I know my body. I just do. If there is something I don't know, I figure it out. I don't call the Dr. for the little aches and pains that I have had every stinking day of this pregnancy...because they are nothing. Even things I haven't had before, I have been calm. So I left the doctor Tuesday happy and yet...feeling like I really wish I could have seen my Dr.

So yesterday morning, I am visiting teaching. Sitting on the living room floor chatting away with two other moms when I have a real.true.contraction. I knew it was real. There was no question. Same as always- I feel it in the front and back. Hmmmmmm...I am thinking. This is not good. I have two more within the hour. So after I get Brayden from kindergarden (which was straight from VT), I call my Dr. I talk to the nurse in detail about everything. I tell her that I am not one of those that freaks out over little things- I am not one to call in about a contraction unless I am truly worried it will lead somewhere. Well guess what? She will talk to the Dr. on call b/c my doctor wasn't in. I knew automatically what that doctors response was going to be...and I was right.

Now, the only complaint I have about my Dr. is not a fair one. He goes out of the country and helps deliver babies for FREE. He does this as a service. He is one of the number 1 doctors in UT and he has done studies over the last 20 years on premature births and why women go into labor early. He is great...but sometimes that means he is not there for me. And normally I don't care and love all the dr.s he works with. But not yesterday! I knew when the nurse told me that that she would call me back with a "lay down, take it easy and this is fine"...which is what she did. Now I understand. Lots of women contract all through pregnancy. lots of women have these things happen and it's no big deal. I just never have had it happen this early, and I have never had it happen unless I am on the process of going into labor!!
So I laid down the rest of the day, still randomly contracting...did I tell you my contractions hurt? Yep, from the very beginning, they hurt. Not too bad until closer to when I deliver...but I am not making this up people! They hurt! So I had a few more yesterday and then Cort gave me a blessing last night. I went to bed and was up most of the night as usual-stinking insomnia! Even with unisom, I wake up at least 5-6 times. I contracted once during the night (I have written down every contraction and what I was doing at the time to keep track) and then first thing this morning, a big one. I called my doctors office before I even think they were open. I realized that my stomach and back are killing me like ALL THE TIME. I really suspected that I either have a virus or infection of some kind and that is what is cauing all this. I left them and detailed message and asked them to call me. They did and asked me to come in to have some tests done. They agree with me, HOWEVER, I know they are not super concerned. Which totally bugs me. I KNOW they get women who contract all the time- they are high risk doctors. But that is NOT ME! I am not one of those women- something is going on! And this little lad is way too little to come even two weeks from now~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went in, explained my heart out (to the nurse and the doc on call since my doc is not in still) and basically repeated myself over and over "there is something going on, this is not normal"...which they agree with. They did blood work, swabbed me for all kinds of tests, took my urine and all the goods and will call me with the results. The doctor could tell I was in pain. He was nice and sincere. But I know that if I had seen MY doctor, he would not have messed around one bit. he would have done all the same tests, however he would have put me on something preventatively already AND possibly given me something to stop the contractions...

I am just not satisfied! I am, but I'm not. Does that make sense? There is no use in me worrying right at this moment because I have done all I can do. I am waiting for results and can go from there. But I do so hope and pray that my doctor is in soon because he knows me. And I am hoping and praying that there IS something going on- it would explain this! And of course, more than anything, I just want the contractions to stop. NOW!

So I am on bed rest until they do. Which, the doctor politely laughed while talking to me about it...he said "I'm sorry to be rude and laugh...I am just watching your kids and you have your hands full!" Little did he know my kids were being SOOOOO GOOD at the time!! He has no idea! ;) But they have been pretty good with me being down and getting things for me, etc.

And speaking of getting things for me- I am so grateful to my family and friends for the love and support they have shown. From taking my kids to bringing me dinner...I am so lucky to have the extra help in my time of need. Thanks everyone! Keep the prayers coming and I will keep you posted!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick and Easy Project

So I am bad at starting but not finishing projects. Not all of them- but sometimes I think of something I want to make/do, go out and get some of the supplies, then lose my motivation to actually follow through. But while I was at girls camp, and our flag was hanging on this really cool stand the other camp leader had made for it, I got a brilliant idea!

And then when I was at IKEA, I decided to follow through my idea. I'll explain that I went to Home Depot with all the parts from our flag stand, had PVC pipe cut in the same dimensions, bought the attachments for it (about $5.00 total for everything)...

Then went to the fabric store and got some cute fabric...

And made a puppet show stage...

Seeing the fabric and attatchment pieces up close...
And the puppets I got at IKEA for dirt cheap. A package of 6 for like $3?

My kids have been using it as a stage...they have given us a puppet show like every day...yesterday I convinced Kyler to do one for his stuffed animals (cause I can only see so many from each child!)

Total cost was around $15 including fabric, pvc pipe, puppets. Not too bad- and it took me like 30 minutes to sew up the fabric curtains...not too bad either. All in all, for the hours of fun it has already provided my children- not to mention the creativity they use to create their own show, is worth it!!

NICU Reunion

Well we couldn't make Brayden's NICU reunion this year, but we were able to go to Keatons. Of course it was great. He loved having his face painted, but did not want me to take a picture of him after!!

This was the best I could get for "say cheese"...
They had a funny magic show that the kids loved and Keaton even got called up on stage! It was great except it was so short by the time I got my camera out, I missed the shot. At least the kids could pose with some cool characters later...

The only disappointment is that Keaton''s/my favorite nurses weren't there that night. It was still awesome/worth it/tons of fun- but I always love seeing them.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girl's camp!

Girl's Camp was awesome. Seriously. The girls were amazing. There were no petty fights, no arguments amongst the girls. In fact, they all got along so well and clearly loved it and loved each other. It was awesome. While I was there, I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and it really made me grateful to be part of an amazing church. Seriously. So lucky.

This is my ward and the other ward we just split from together (we combined for Girl's camp)

Some seriously funny, cute SHOW OFF girls!! ;)
Girls doing a RAP for the stake leaders. I wish the picture had turned out, cause it was just awesome.

The last night at a devotional...half the girls.

The other half...

I AM glad it is over. But I am also sad that I don't have that to look forward to anymore. It was really fun. But yes, WHEW. It's done. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have the most amazing family. I really do. And my little sis is one of the most talented people I know. I told her I was thinking of going with an "owl" theme for this baby- and so she whipped up something extra cute and sent it to me as a little surprise. And I LOVE IT.

Since my camera has not yet arrived in the mail yet and I could not take pictures myself...and since you need to check out her cool blog anyways...

Go here.

Check out what she made me. And how awesome she is. It's okay if you are jealous of me having such an awesome sister. I totally understand. :)

Thanks again Sis! Love you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ohhhhhhh Kyler

Klyer sometimes puts too much food in his mouth when he eats something that is really good. It is a problem he has, because he ends up having to spit it out and throw it away because he is gagging with too much food in his mouth.

Case in point: We are driving to Las Vegas to stay the night on our way to San Diego. Whenever we go to LV, we stop in St. George and eat at Mongolian BBQ- the best food ever. And we always end up having leftovers. So about 45 minutes after we ate, I was opening my container in the car to eat some more (my 2nd dinner of the night) when Kyler asks if he can have some. "Sure," I say and hand it back to him. A few minutes later, Kyler says to me, "Mom, don't worry, but I threw up a little, but I mixed it around so you can't tell where I threw up so you can still eat it."

And then I about threw up.

And then today, another case in point:...The conversation went something like this...

Me: "Kyler, how was school today?"

Kyler: "Great mom, except at lunch I threw up those cookies you gave me. They were really good except I put them both in my mouth at the same time and it was too much so I threw up."

Me: "oh Kyler, wow...." and before I could finish...

Kyler: "Mom, can I have another cookie when we get home?"

I must say, they were homeade chocolate chip cookies, so they were pretty dang good.

So silly Kyler. Something new we need to work on- not putting so much food in his mouth!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cali...the beginning

So we decided kinda last minute to take a trip to Cali! Originally, 6 months ago, we were talking about taking the kids to Disneyland for the first time this year. Once I got pregnant, we knew I couldn't ride any of the rides--and then once we measured Brayden, he is still 2 inches too short for most of the rides. So next year we decided...but then we still really wanted to take a family vacation and there is so many other things to do in California that we started planning. We had one date picked and quickly learned it wouldn't work. At the last minute, like a week and a half before we actually went on the trip, we realized a certain weekend would work and there you go!

It was great!! We went to Sea World, the beach, the Mormon Batallion Museum, Cort's brothers house (his brother moved there like a month ago, sooo it was last minute to see him too) and ended up having a great time.
This is the only real family photo we got because I hate myself in pictures these days. I just get so big everywhere when I am pregnant and HATE how I have been looking in pictures...but this one turned out least as cute as I get these days.

So that is all for now I am afraid. I have been looking endlessly for my camera ever since we got back. I offered my kids $1 for whoever found it. We prayed about it. And so I was waiting and waiting to post until I had some pictures from our trip. And then today I learned I left it at Cort's brothers house. YAYYYYYYYY!! I was worried it had fallen out of our car or my purse at a rest stop on our way I will have to post more once I get it back. ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recipes Please

So so SO much going on. I need to post about Girl's Camp, then our Family vaca to San Diego. BUT since I am lazy bones today, being our first day back from our vaca and seeing as there is only a few days until school starts... I want to post about how my body is nutzo and I am thinking bedrest is in my near future. With that being said...I was thinking that until that happens, I should really make some freezer meals and prepare for being down for a while. I know some of you (Annie, Sarah) have posted some GREAT freezer recipes, but this is my plea to everyone to please e-mail me, post on fb or respond here with a simple and easy freezer recipe or two that you know of. I am going to look up some online, but coming from friends and family is always the best way!! So post away and thank you in advance! I will post more exciting stuff later.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby's Room

Ahhh, another baby boy is on the way and where most people can slowly plan away for 9 months...I have to get things together a little sooner than the average gal for my early arrivals. I am not rushing, but I am getting busy trying to get things together for the baby. With every new baby comes a few changes to the nursery. I know, 4 boys could all use the same bedding, etc. But that is not me!! I am all about changing things around to make it unique to each baby. And come on, another boy does not mean "oh they can share clothes and bedding and you get to save lots of money." Yes, thats true. however, each new boy gets a few things that are just their own. I mean, come on now. I love to shop! Now, I must add that I have never quite loved the end result with my babies room. I like them, they are cute, but I have never really loved the room. So this time I really want to love the room! I am not going to go crazy money wise, in fact I want to make a lot of the things myself, as much as I can. So I am brainstorming ideas...

Here are a few that I love...

I really love the whole owl thing, as well as oranges, blues, greens and browns all together...

Do I go lighter owl or darker??

Love, LOVE this yellow and blue...

LOVE this shade of green, love the white, the elephants...ooooh so much to choose from!

I love doing the name this way! I always have their names displayed in their rooms, and this is really a fun way of doing it!

These are adorable birp cloths! Love them!!

Anyhow, just some ideas. So much fun!!! Getting excited!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last weekend we went camping as a family. We normally go camping at least 3-4 times during the summer- and we usually go with friends. But a lot of the mountains are closed right now from previous mudslides, weather, etc. AND this summer has been crazy busy and this was the first time we could go. It was really fun!

We had so many last minute changes in our plans, but it all worked out and we had so much fun! From roasting marshmellows to tin foil dinners- we had a great time!!

We went on a few walks/mini hikes.

And the next day, rather then packing up and heading home, we drove a little further down the road to discover a beautiful waterfall and a lake! It was amazing!!

We weren't prepared with clothes that could get wet or swimming suits- so we let the boys play a little in the water, but not much.

My 3 boys!

We finally took off Keatons shorts at the lake because they were so wet! The boys had a great time- and I did too! It was a very resfreshing, fun family weekend trip!

Lemonade Stand

On Tuesday, as I am running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done for Girl's camp (the girls left today, I go first thing in the morning), my boys want to have a lemonade stand. The truth is, they have been wanting to do this all summer and I have not been willing to provide the time I would need to help them. I know, it sounds terrible- but really, we have just been super busy. So when they asked on Tuesday, my first thought was "no way." But the more I thought about it, the more I realized...minimal fighting between the boys, I would have to check on them and monitor, but really- this might work in my favor. So we put it together and they had a BLAST! 3 pitchers of lemonade and a few dollars they earned later, I got TONNNNNS done for Girl's Camp.

They were a little sad when I explained how they had to split the money they made, but it was still all-good to them!
When Keaton woke from his nap...he helped a lot by dumping out 6 cups of pre-served lemonade...that big stinker!!

All in all, a fun time. And now I am off to girls camp!