Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little out of sorts

So these pictures are out of order.  I am WAY behind on blogging and my life is a little out of sorts.  But here I am, in the waiting room of Primary Childrens just waiting for time to pass until I can see my little man!  So, I shall blog!
Let us start with Paxton being 1 and being amazing!  He has really been growing and progressing how he should lately...he is healthy and HAPPY and OFF Oxygen!!  So many wonderful changes. 
 This is my sweet angel- my favorite picture!!
 I love this because it shows his curious face...what is this thing in my face mom?  Is it the camera again? 
 This shows how much poop I get to clean up every day.  Cause almost every day, when Paxton is in the exercauser, he works something out of his diaper.  His diapers fit, trust me, I have tried everything and we have finally figured out a way to get him to stop pooping down his legs- but when he does, its just so gross!!
 See?  I walked by the exercauser and this is what I see...EWWWWWWWWWWWWw!
 I know it's late to be posting the kids First Day of School Pics, but I just had to!  They are all getting so big!  Keaton started Preschool this year and loves it!  He especially loves to sing.
 Brayden is in 1st Grade, doing really well and loves that he gets several recesses every day.
 Kyler loves third grade and loves his teacher this year as well.  He loves earning points/fake money for "store" and every Friday shows us what he has bought. 
 It's hard to get three boys all focused at the same time, but at least they are all cute!
 Every year we go to a friend's Halloween party and it is a MUST to dress up.  This year Cort had the clever idea to be Richard Simmons!  So he went to DI and grabbed some shorty shorts.  I went to Walmart, saw this sparkly top and said "this is it!!" When Cort tried it on for the first time at home, we both knew it was magical!! ;) 
 And finally, this last weekend we took a good 10 minutes of family pictures.  I am not really in love with them mainly because it was really hard to get Paxton to even look up (although he does look super cute, doesn't he???) and I look so FATTTTTTTTTTT.  But, this is all of us together, and that means a lot to me.  So it will do for now.  I love my family!