Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sooo much has happened over this past month and I don't nearly have the time to write/blog about it all.  But what I am going to blog about today is important.  I know I have shared bits and pieces here and there about Paxton's health, especially his kidneys, so forgive me for repeating some things I have shared in the past. 
Paxton was born with obstructed kidney's.  That means there is something in his kidneys blocking urine from going through the uriter to the bladder. There were all kinds of things they did in the NICU to help him be able to pee normally, but all of them were on temporary fixes until he was big enough to have the obstructions surgically removed.  Right before Paxton came home from the NICU, they put stents that run from his kidney, through the uriter into the bladder.  They are uncomfortable and cause all kind of issues for Paxton.  The biggest issue has been getting urinary tract infections.  The poor kid has had 3 since he has been home.  Even with the UTI's, which are common when you have a foreign object in your body, like stents, the doctors have felt that Paxton has done really well and weren't going to do anything until at least September.  However we recently discovered that Paxton has become resistent to oral antibiotics and now need IV antibiotics for his UTI's.  So this last one, we ended up in the hospital where they planned to do a PICC line and send us home.  Well, once they did an ultrasound of his kidneys and really looked over his history, Urology decided that it's time for the surgery!  They think that the bacteria from his infections have been living on his stents and they really, truly believe that he has had one long continuous bladder infection for the past several MONTHS!!  WHAT???!!! This poor kid, who has smiled and made the best of the pain he has had to live with is so sweet and so not deserving of pain!  It broke my heart.  So the stents have to come out...but they know that if they take them out, he needs something else.  And rather than doing another temporary fix that could possibly cause more UTI's for Paxton, they are going to do the surgery- next week on August 1st!  I couldn't be happier because I believe that although this won't solve everything, and I know we will still have a long road ahead, I KNOW this is the answer to so many of his issues. And I know he is ready!!
   So for those who can and will, please imclude our little man in your prayers next week, especially on Wednesday!  And for those who would also be willing, please join us this Sunday in fasting for Paxton that he will be strong and his surgery will go well.  Thank you in advance and thanks to those who helped us so much last week while Paxton was in the hospital.  I will keep you posted!