Monday, July 27, 2009

Me Superwoman

Meet this:
I USED to loooooovvvvvveeeeee this drink. Ever since I was a teenager and had a coca-cola for the first time, I was in love. I used to drink this whenever I could. (And this is courtesy of my Dad and his family, who drink soda all the time). Sooooo...I had always been able to have just a little here and a little there and stop drinking during pregnancy, etc...until my little Keaton was born. His situation in the hospital, being tired all the time, I slowly started drinking more and more and MORE and MORE. I tried to control my drinking of this delicious drink to occasionally and I COULD NOT! I was drinking A LOT pretty much every day (even though I would make sure my hubby did not know cause I knew he would scold me!). It's not that this drink is so bad. It's that for MY Body, this drink is bad. I have had problems with cysts, and after having a large one removed when I was 18, I was old that massive amounts of carbonation could cause the cyst to swell to be the large 1 pound cyst that it was. ANYHOW, it's also a problem because I would do crazy things to go out of my way to get a soda and sometimes it was all I would think about. Seriously.
Why am I telling you my long boring story about soda? Because about 6 months ago I prayed really hard that I would be able to stop drinking soda but also that I wouldn't have the DESIRE to drink it anymore. And seriously, I woke up the next day with NO DESIRE and haven't had a desire to drink it since! I did not realize how much it affected my body until I stopped drinking it. After about 2 weeks of not drinking it, I could tell a major difference. It really effects me badly for some reason.
Again, why am I going on about soda right now? because at my hubbys family reunion this week, there were cases and cases of soda right in front of me and people drinking it left and right and guess what? I did not have ANY and am proud of myself. I know this isnt a big deal to most people, but this is great for me. Not that I thought I would have a problem drinking it, and not that it is a poisonous drink that would kill me, it's just really nice that I have been able to stick to my goals and not drink this drink that apparently affects me so....

So blah, blah, theres my story. Me superwoman, Soda, you have officially gone DOWN!

Friday, July 24, 2009


My sweet Brayden, the kids who never stops, is sick. He has been throwing up since 12:30 this morning, and has not been able to keep anything down, even water. He is sleeping on the floor right now, next to a bowl for throwing up. He has a fever of 101.7, so that's not too high, but the poor little guy can't even keep down medicine...Cortney and our neighbor Derek gave him a blessing this morning, and we are just hoping he can get better soon.

Just wanted to whine a little. I was up all night with him. Cort got up with Keaton this morning, but I couldn't sleep anyway. SIGH~

Whine, whine, whine. And did I mention this weekend is my hubby's family reunion? The first ever with just the siblings and parents. And we have had a blast so far. But today I am home, and blah, blah, whine whine.

Thats all for now. Hopefully next time I write, I wont be whining.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We had the wonderful opportunity to go to Lagoon this week (or Magoon as Kyler calls it) for FREE!! My friends husband had a work function that gave him some free passes and she called me and we dropped everything and went. We were there from 11:30am till 9:20 at night!~ I figured since we had never been and had free passes we should take advantage. AND we got free lunch and free dinner!! It was such a fun day.
Cort met us there after work and got to enjoy some of the rides too! Keaton was sure a trooper for practically being in his stroller all day...
This is Brayden's girlfriend Jaydee-bug...(Jayden) She bosses him around and he loves it! (Sorry Cristy, it's true!!) ;) We joke about them getting married someday. They have the same color hair, the same curiously troublemaking personality and are both seriously cute!!

This picture is funny because you can tell the boys are having a great time, but I think Kyler was starting to get tired around dinner time...but then he got his second wind...
The funny thing about the bumper cars is that Kyler kept getting stuck, so he actually just got mad when driving them.
Out of all the boats they could have picked...they got on the PINK boat!
Waiting in line, but it's so worth it!

YAY for fun times!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Wedding while were Camping

Soooo....we LOVE camping! And our boys love camping. We go as often as we can in the summer, and this year we rounded up a few neighbors and went up Farmington Canyon for the night. It was so much fun.

So first let me intice you with one of THE BEST things about camping- the awesome food! Bacon cooked over a campfire, seriously, so good. Tin foil dinners anyone? Need I say any more at all?

So while we were camping, a wedding took place. Thats right. Kyler hung out with the girls and ended up getting married. I love it.
This is the happy couple.

Hanging out in the pj's is also a perk of camping.
This is all the kids together. Can anyone say "Soooo cute"?!!!!
And last, but certainly not least, it's the opportunity to eat dirt! Just like this cutie patootie little girl. She is adorable even with dirt on her face!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can I brag?

So today I had a lot of energy, and my kids love being I decided to spend the WHOLE day working and get as much done as possible...therefore I...

mowed the lawn
pulled all the weeds, front and back
watered all plants not on the drip system (okay, I do this everyday, no big deal)
swept and washed off the front porch
stained the bench by the firepit

Then on the inside:
cleaned out three closets and reorganized them
went through the boys toys and made a pile for DI (and actually put the bag in the garage instead of just leaving it!!)
reorganized and rearranged the playroom
washed all the walls in the playroom (which was necessary considering I had taped something to the wall that left this nasty tape residue on the wall as well as pulled off some of the paint :( ) and I should add the Kyler and Brayden helped me with this...they love spraying the walls and wiping them off, although sometimes it just leaves drip marks on the walls.
painted the areas that needed touch up paint in the playroom and various small areas around the house
cleaned the spare bedroom and organized my wipey crafty table

And I STILL made a nice dinner, gave all three boys a bath, then swept and mopped the kitchen and did 3 loads of laundry!

I am SUPERMOM and SUPERWOMAN! Okay, I'll get off my high-horse now. The truth is, there will be many days where it is lucky for me to get anything done, let alone and kazillion things. So I am proud. And I am exhausted and going to bed.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You've made your bed, now go lie in it.

So I've really been working with my boys on doing chores around the house, one of them being making their beds in the morning. This is an example of how my kids are different from each other. Brayden has been automatically making his bed before I ask him, he really enjoys it! And he does a darned good job!

Kyler also enjoys it, but has to be told a million times to do it..and sometimes an occasional threat of him not being able to play if he doesn't do it! And so here's Kylers bed...more thrown together, but much harder to reach the back because it's really tall. But seriously...I am a little OCD about it needing to be even, so this will be a lesson for me as well I think.
My sweet boys! I am glad they are trying so hard and hope this keeps up.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alright, Alright

So I decided to go ahead and sell the cute and FUN diaper wipey cases that I have so thoroughly enjoyed making. I find myself spending the spare time I have thinking of new and fun combinations, and get so excited as the wipey case comes together. And then of course, there is giving them away to my friends having babies. I love it! So, I decided why not turn my hobby into something I can make a little cash on the side for. So if you want one for your friend having a baby, let me know! I would love to make one for you! Thanks and check it out...

And in a few days, I will post pics of some new and adorable ones that I just recently made and need to add to the awesome!