Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Officially a Blogger!

Hello to all family and friends! So many people have heard the crazy stories I have told about my boys and told me I need to have a blog and share them with everyone. So here it is!~ I am not writing much for now so I can work on making it look fabulous, but check back here soon and I will have some new pictures and exciting stories up!


Chanelle said...

HEY, pretty lady! I love your blog and I'm so excited that you have one! They are so addicting. And I was wondering ~ do you feel up to swimming in a couple of weeks? I thought it would be fun to go when I back from vacation. I bought a Diviine Modestee suit yesterday! It looks similar to yours. But it actually lifts me up like you said it would! YEAH! Anyways, I'll stop writing a novel and end this comment. Again, I love your blog!

Candy said...

Hey cute lady!
so excited to see your family online.