Sunday, July 27, 2008

EWWWWW Snails!

So if I am going to have three boys now, I better not let myself get grossed out by a few snails, right? We were at in-laws this week for a few minutes, and with their beautiful garden also come snails- which Kyler LOVES. So he begged to bring his two new "best friends" home with him and I said fine. They crawled up and down his arms in the car and when we got home, we made a little home for them in an old box. Kyler and Brayden took care of them for several days before we had to let them go so we could go camping. Anyhow, Kyler told us every day how much the snails loved it. Very sweet. What can I say? Another boy on the way...more snail loving fun!!

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Likes Family said...

Ahhh, boys! Gotta Love 'em, all three!!! Enjoy it! I am loving this stage of boys.