Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keaton needs to come home

So it has been an emotional week. I came in on Monday, and since Keaton has been nursing and/or taking a bottle for 48 hours straight at that time, they were taking the feeding tube out. YAY! He has been weaned down a little on his oxygen and they are planning to change him to a different level of oxygen pretty soon, which is the same kind he'll go home on. (it's the same oxygen, just at different levels and read differently). So even though he will most likely go home on oxygen, he is so close to being ready to come home. So Monday they told me that Saturday (today) he should be coming home. But if he has another apnea spell (where he holds his breath and stops breathing), then he has to wait 7 days from that time before coming home. Needless to say, I was devestated when he had an apnea spell that afternoon. So the 7 day countdown started over. Then Tuesday during the middle of the night he had another one, Thursday he had another one, and he has had 2 Friday and one this morning already. We are so sad that he struggles with this issue. The 7 day countdown begins again, however I am not getting my hopes up this time that this is the last one.

We are asking all our friends and family to please join us in fasting for Keaton tomorrow (SUNDAY) to stop his apnea. It would be so scary to bring him home when he is doing this, so obviously we understand he needs to continue to be in the NICU until he stops. But at the same time, WE WANT HIM HOME!! So please join us and let's all fast so our little Keaton can stop the apnea and come home. Thank you for your support and we love you all!


Cristy said...

I am so sorry to hear the bad news. Being a nursing mom I can't fast but I will have my family fast for you:)

Cristy said...

We love you guys!

Marisa said...

Hey Lyz,
I will be praying for you guys. Lots of love. Marisa