Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our New Life

I don't feel comfortable posting a ton of pics on facebook, especially because I know that not everyone can handle seeing a little tiny baby hooked up to all kinds of tubes and wires, etc. But I want show off my sweet adorable baby!! So here are just a few of my favorites ;) My sister took some of me visiting with Paxton a few days here I am looking in on him in his bed (PS-Thanks to my awesome sister for pampering me and doing my hair!)

The vent giving him oxygen, along with a feeding tube.
His diapers look like small maxi pads. Seriously.

His cheek kinda swollen from the tape they had taken off. Poor little guy.

Here's him kinda swollen and hooked up to the billie ruben lights.

Here I think he looks exactly like Brayden! He looks big in this picture up close, but if you want to get an idea of his size...his head is about the size of my fist. His hand is about the size of the middle of my knuckle to my fingernail. He is so tiny and fragile and yet so strong already.

This is my absolute favorite! He loves having a little warm onsie on his head for some crazy reason, and the second I started talking to him, he opened his eyes for me. It was so sweet. I loved it and love having pictures of it. All in all, we are so grateful he is as healthy and strong as he is. He is such a sweet boy already- and has quite the attitude (which terrifies me!) but we are so glad he is a fighter! Keep the prayers coming, as he has had some major difficulties this week. But he is doing better...two steps forward, five steps back.


Kenzie said...

oh elizabeth, he is just beautiful. I have been thinking and thinking about you. Know that you and that cute little thing are in my prayers.

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

What a sweet baby boy. We are rooting for you guys. I can't imagine how hard that must be to deal with everyday. Sounds like you handle it like a pro Elizabeth. P.S. You look beautiful-as always.

Sarah said...

He is such a sweetie, and he really does look like Brayden! And you look completely gorgeous! I love your hair and makeup! Hang in there. You know you continue in our prayers. Olivia always prays for Paxton and Aunt Lizzie, and for baby Paxton to get stronger and healthier. It is so sweet how she never forgets and double prays for him.

natalieandderyk said...

I have been thinking about you. Love that he has attitude ;-)

clarisa said...

love the picutes. so glad he is getting better everyday (except for the 5 steps backwards. tell him to knock that off.) love you guys and pray for you all always!

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