Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catching Up

I have a LOT of catch up to do, so let's back up and start with Keaton's Birthday.  The DAY of Keaton's birthday AND birthday party, the poor kid woke up with croupe.  I felt so bad for him...being sick on his birthday and having to postpone his party- BUT since he is so little we just kinda shifted things so he didn't really know what he was missing and just talked about his party being a few days later.  Unfrotunetly by the time he was better, we were back in the hospital with Paxton having another UTI.  When we got home and both boys were recovered, we threw Keaton his long awaited Spiderman party.
Keaton wanted a water party AND a spiderman party.  He insisted on a spiderman cake.  I *tried* to get him to want cupcakes.  But the thing about that kid, and one of his very cute and also very hard qualities is that he is independent and knows what he wants.  So my little Keaton turned the big 4.  Can't hardly believe it!!
Here's his cake...I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!
 Doesn't he even look older to you?!!!
 A few of his cute friends for a little backyard party...
 We set up a little pool, a slip n slide, had some water balloons and also put the hose down the slide and it was a BLAST! 
 It's funny cause a lot of the kids ran down the slip n slide jumping in some of the puddles rather than sliding down it.  But no matter what, they ALL loved it!!
 Keaton's big present from us was a bike with training wheels and a helmet.  He LOVED it!! 
 We took him out front and he seriously just took off and never looked back.  He rides it almost every day!
Keaton is a very sweet and loving child.  He is the most polite 4 year old you could ever meet!  He ALWAYS says please and thank you, he compliments people all the time (like telling some of my friends they look pretty or are wearing a pretty dress or something amazing like that), he is very nice to strangers and plays well with everyone!  He loves his brothers, loves his BYU blanket and spideman backpack.  He loves running errands with me and is always, ALWAYS hungry!  I love that kid and am always amazed at how smart he is.  Love my 4 year old boy!

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clarisa said...

Happy birthday, Keaton! You're beautiful and amazing!