Friday, January 2, 2009

This was ME!

Aunt Bekah with the trouble making boys!
Keaton and his cousin, wearing the same cute!!

Christmas morning, presents are so much fun!!

The boys waiting in the hallway, begging to go see what Santa left for them...

So we packed up the family and went to Arizona for Christmas this year. We stayed with my mom and had a wonderful time. The kids were harder this trip than they have been in the past, but mostly I believe it's because we majorly slacked off on keeping them with their nap schedule and bedtime routine. So they were overtired the entire trip.

We still had a wonderful Christmas! It was so fun to have all my siblings together on Christmas day, even though two of my brothers were sick. And speaking of sick...every year as we travel to Arizona for various visits, one of us always gets sick. Last Christmas Cortney was sick for 5 full days! It is always something that lasts more than just 24 hours...and sometimes its because were exposed to someone who is sick, but sometimes its simply just because we are in a new place. Anyhow...this year, it was ME! Luckily though, it was really only a 12 hour deal of the flu and the worst of it was really more like 8 hours. Totally managable. We all came home with colds, but they are minor and I am glad it did not take away from our trip.

And now that we are home, I am glad to be sleeping in my own bed, because I really love my bed, but I already miss all my family in Airzona...

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