Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brayden is 3!

My white haired crazy boy turned 3 this week. It is hard to believe that 3 years ago he completely changed our lives forever by not only entering this world, but by entering it so suddenly only 18 minutes after I got to the hospital...and came over 3 months early! My little 2 1/2 pounder is still smal for his age...but all 25 pounds of him now is a fun loving crazy "monkey boy." We had a small party for him in AZ before we left, and a small party here on his actual birthday. And later that night, while I was on the couch feeding Keaton, Brayden was behind me at the table singing "Happy Birthday to me..." over and over again. After about 10 minutes, I realized it was a long time for Brayden to sit at the table and I got up and saw that he had taken the entire top off the cake and was putting it on plates to eat...that is sooooo Brayden.
And as a side note, this year is the first year I made a really lame cake. I just did not have the energy or the instead of asking Brayden what type of cake he wanted (like a train or elmo, both ones I have done and they looked amazing), I just had him pick out a box mix at the store in the color he wanted. LAME! So there you have it, my beautiful cake this year was not made...

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The Tuellers: Nick, Hailey, Kohlson and Beckett said...

I can't believe he is 3 already. He is only a few months older than Kohlson, but I am not ready to say I have a 3 year old yet. I love your post about Brayden saying are you freaking kidding me. That is hilarious! I am always amazed at the things they pick up. I hope you are feeling better, it seems like everyone got that little 24 hr flu bug!