Sunday, February 1, 2009

You say it's your Birthday

So this post is a little later than I wanted, but it just didn't happen yesterday. Friday night Cort and I got to go out together, alone, without the kids!! We went to ward temple night, and it was so great!! When we came back, Brayden had yet another battle wound. That boy is a monkey and almost always has a bruise! So this time, it was Kyler who inflicted it. He pushed Brayden into a table and Brayden hit is at just the right angle to split his cheek open. Cortney's mom, who luckily is a nurse and had her butterfly strips on hand, was able to tape him back together and the strips will dissolve in about a week...yeah, I am not surprised...and I guess having 3 boys, I can't let things like this get to me!!

Yesterday was my Birthday- YEP, the big 29...but it was also my mom's birthday and my neices birthday. My family lives in AZ and my neice was baptised yesterday, so it was a special day...but it also meant that my mom and I could not celebrate together. Growing up we celebrated by going to Marie Calendar's and each getting a piece of coconut cream pie (our favorite). Since I have moved away, my mom and I have only celebrated it together once or twice, but in spirit, we are eating that pie together!!
So I wanted to post that I have an absolutely wonderful mother. And even though it is hard to live far from each other, we are still extremely close. probably closer now that even before I moved away. She is an example to me and is truly one of my best friends! I am lucky to have her as my mother! Thanks for all you do for me mom. I can't wait to see you again soon!


lucasclan said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a good day. I should remember your birthday because it is the day before Cooper's.
Hey, if you ever want to go get coconut cream pie, give me a call!! I love that stuff too!!!

the gaileys said...

happy birthday, liz.

with your always-battered history, lookes like you are the right mom for your wild boys.

you are so brave. or, will be.