Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Boys are getting so Big!

Kyler turned 5 last week and I just can't believe that my first baby is getting so big! We had a birthday party with some of his friends and guess what theme Kyler wanted for a party? Nothing else will do but a Police Officer Party! So we played cops and robbers and had a great time. We also had a family birthday party on Sunday with family and it was a lot of fun. Kyler is so loving and sweet and is such a great part of our family. I love you Kyler!!
And yes, that is supposed to look like a police car cake, but I did it too late at night and mixed two colors wrong...so it's not my best work for sure, but still cute.
Super boys! I made capes for all the boys. Mainly cause Kyler and Brayden always want me to tie blankets around as capes, so I thought it would be fun to make them ones. And I couldn't resist doing one for Keaton as well :)
Keaton is 7 months old TODAY! I cannot believe it has been 7 months since he was born. He recently started rice cereal and loves it. He is still catching up to his actual age, but is getting there faster than I think Brayden did. (although Keaton is still really small!). I don't want him to change at all. He is sleeping through the night and a happy, mellow wonderful baby. I just want him to stay this way forever and not grow up so fast like my other boys. I am excited to be nearing the end of RSV season so we can start to take him places. He is doing so well! I love you Keaton. I love all my boys...most of the time! :)

And Keaton has just started to suck his thumb on occasion. So adorable, but not something I want him in the habit of because it's so hard to break!! He's just so lovable!I'm a lucky gal! :)


Sarah said...

I love these photos of Keaton! He is so adorable! And I LOVE the capes! I made capes with fancy dresses one year for Christmas for my girls, I think they were 5 and 3and they wore those things for years! So fun!

beckaboots said...

oh....my....gosh!!! keaton is sooo adorable in those pictures! and I am so happy kyler had a fun time with his parties! and brayden is so cute in his cape too. love those boys!

Christy said...

I love the capes! Awesome idea to put their initials, too. I can tell you're a mom of 3 boys!

the tim gailey home said...

wow, your boy is all eyes! beautiful! i can't believe your cake skills. how do you ever find time to do what you are doing? amazing gal. can i just be jealous for a bit?

Shieldsfam said...

Love the pics! The capes are adorable, what a good mommy you are!