Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Since Utah has very long winters, and I have babies that have to stay inside during the winter...I have plenty of time to do projects around the house. Now, that doesn't mean that I actually do them! (ask my husband), but lately I have been a little more motivated in trying to get some new projects done...and I must say I am quite pleased with the results... So first we have curtains I made for the sliding glass door that goes outside. We've had verticle blinds there for a while, but they just did not do anything for the space...so the curtains really compliment the other colors in the room...and dress it up!

Okay, so I can't fit a calendar in my kitchen anywhere, and we have a huge laundry room near the kitchen, so I decided to make some good use of the space by doing a magnet board and putting the boys backpacks underneath. It's simple, but cute! And now I have my calendar easily accessible!
Okay, this is not something I made, but rather something I recieved from my sister whose sister-in-law makes these. They are diaper/wipes holders. Made from a huggies wipes case that you put in your diaper bag. So one side opens to the wipes, and the other side has a pocket with diapers...so clever!!! I decided to try and make one myself so I can start making them for my friends who are having babies...So this one is mine that was a gift...I love it!

And so here is the first one I have made! It is my trial/error one. it turned out pretty cute I think!! And now I am going to make a whole bunch more for my friends having babies...

And finally I painted the wall with the fireplace on it and we added some complimentary decorative pillows and other accents in the room. I love the color and how it turned out. it totally changed the entire look of the room. It's been fun!


the gaileys said...

you should post more pics of your house. for us poor souls who need your inspiration!

beckaboots said...

WOW! I need you to be here so we can give eachother project ideas! You did awesome on your first wipey case and it looks SOOOOO cute you have no idea!
Also, i'm totally loving the drapes and will soon be requesting a tutorial once I get a house to hang some up in.
Clarisa is right- post pictures of your house for everyone else who hasn't been there in person (I am just too lucky i've been there 3 or 4 times!) :)

Sarah said...

Wow! You have been busy! I love the red wall! A bold, beautiful move. And your wipey case turned out fabulous! I'm so impressed that you figured it out by yourself. You know, you could market those. Cathy told me she bought one at Nordstrom for a friend for $35!

Hoffman Family said...

So, I loved your curtains and I noticed your painted wall the other night, but I couldn't remember if they were already there the last time I was at your house, so I was too embarrassed to ask. You have some real talent, girl. Your home is beautiful.

Okay, so I'm not giving birth, but I'm totally hinting that I want you to make me a cute diaper/wipe thing when we get our next baby! I love them. I want to be hot mamma with style!

Love, Shanti