Saturday, November 26, 2011

I can do it, I can do it!

I need some motivation!

So, my first three pregnancies, I lost about 10-15 pounds after having the baby, then I hang on to the rest until after I am done nursing. I would work out 5-6 days a week, eat great, etc, but never lost anything. Once I am done nursing, 2 weeks later I drop 15-20 pounds. It's crazy. my body must store it to help the baby or something?! So this time I lost a little more in the beginning, but I think thats because of the stressful delivery, losing so much blood, feeling sick for a little while. And now, I am stuck. Again. But, like the other times- I cannot let that stop me from doing what I know will help me FEEL good, regardless of whether I lose weight from it or not.

I need to get back to feeling like me. Now, of course, because of my situation of having my little man in the NICU and going to the hospital every morning, combined with needing to pump, I can't exactly just rearrange things like normal to work out. But I CAN certainly TRY. And I can eat better. Much better. I admit, for the last weeks, it's kinda been like "well, I'm not going to lose weight anyways." But I realize not only can I NOT have that attitude, I feel terrible the way I have been eating. I know it makes me more tired and just all around yucky. Especially since before I got pregnant, I was the healthiest I think I have ever been in my life! I want to get back to feeling that way and well, just feeling more like ME.

Having a baby, new crazy hormones, plus all the stress of what's going on in our lives right now (not even including the upcoming holidays!), I am bound to feel a little "off." But that doesn't give me the excuse to just let it all go.

So this post is my official motivation starter. I have written it publically now. I have let everyone know that I know I can do better and I am going to start right now! And from time to time, I want to post an update on how I am feeling- maybe letting it out will help push me to do the best I can. So here goes! Wish me luck ;)


kmcruisin said...

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Liz, you are so awesome! You know you can do this. Just don't be hard on yourself if you have a hard day and don't get to the workout. You have a newborn, remember? Heavenly Father loves you, no matter what. You matter to Him! Don't get down on yourself.

clarisa said...

okay, here's good luck to you! i have faith in you, it's gonna happen for you because you will make it happen. you always inspire me. :)