Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paxton IS home

Wow- where do I even begin?! Paxton is home! FINALLY! After 149 days in the NICU...multiple procedures, multiple blood transfusions, pokes, prods and everything in between- HE IS HOME! It has been just over 2 weeks and I still can't believe it some days. I have actually thought to pick up the phone a few times to call Paxton's nurse to check on him. Its unreal.

This was one of my favorite nurses, Vickie. Just look at how Paxton is looking at her, so sweet! This was just before we took him home.

This is Paxton's medications. Yeah, I don't share on my blog the issues Paxton has had, but pretty much all these help with one main issue. We are so grateful for modern medicine to keep our little man healthy. But I am not going to lie- this is a lot!!
Paxton's Grandma Sue holding him the day he came home. Keaton wanted to jump in the picture as well.

This was him in the carseat for the first time!

Paxton's brothers have done surprisingly well with him being home. I honestly was worried the most about Keaton...and while he has been a little more rowdy than usual, he really has adjusted better than I thought he would. Clearly- they all love Paxton!

Brayden was so excited to hold him! After all, Paxton is his clone!Here is how we spend many Sunday afternoons...I nap upstairs and Cortney and Paxton nap downstairs. All in all- life is a lot crazier than I imagined it would be. Because of the few issues Paxton has, he has some discomfort. He likes to be held a lot, and the maintenance with the medicine is a little harder than I imagined it would be. Don't get me wrong- I am NOT complaining one bit. I could not be more grateful to have this baby home- after 5 months in the NICU! But I will admit that whether it be having 4 kids at home or whether it be having a baby with extra special needs, it is hard! And sleep...well what is that anyways? I can't remember what that was like. But it is all worth it!! I am so incredibly grateful to everyone for the warm thoughts, prayers, dinners, babysitting, putting our name and Paxton's name in the temple, the doctors, nurses, caregivers of paxton, all the family and friends support...everything! Our little babe would not be alive would it have not been for this time that we live in with modern medicine and new technology! I am so grateful to my Lord and Savior for this wonderful blessing in our lives.