Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Personal Challenge, Days 1 and 2

So I typically don't lose weight with nursing. I just don't. I can work out 6 days a week, doesn't matter. But that has never stopped me from trying- I always do whatever I can...and once I am done nursing, the weight really does usually come off pretty fast after that. But this baby, this time, I have lost slightly more than I have with any other baby while nursing. I still have a long ways to go- and some days I look in the mirror and think I am bigger than ever. But no matter what, I have not had the time or energy to even try to lose weight. I have lots of good excuses. Especially before my baby was home and I was a crazed mad woman back and forth in the NICU.
Now I am a crazed mad woman whose baby likes to be held A LOT. And because he is on oxygen and hooked up to a monitor, I cant just cart him around the house with me. And he is up a lot in the night. More than any baby I have ever had!! So I am exhausted. Trying to meet the needs of all my kids AND keep up with the house (which is not happening, by the way) AND be a decent wife AND AND AND, ETC ETC ETC. I have pretty much no time for anything.
So as I made my plan on Sunday to start my offical healthy living/trying to work out again starting Monday...I got pumped up. And then as yesterday came and I had not a moment where I could put the baby down and barely made it the grocery store to get groceries and made it home just in time to feed the baby and go to bed...well, I made a new plan.
The biggest focus for me right now will be staying as active as I can around the house, working out here and there as much as I can. It IS a priority, but I am also realistic that it might simply be impossible some days. And now that the weather is getting warmer, working out might be taking the baby in the jogging stroller. So.... my main focus will be on what I eat. I can control that no matter what. Yesterday was good, no late night snacks and pretty healthy eating all day. So today I am really focused on lowering my portions (I know, I am nursing, I am not going crazy here, but I can definetly eat less and be provide for my baby). I can add better foods into my diet and drink more water. I can start to eat like I did before pregancy. I used to feel SO good. And I know I can get back to that. So today is day 2. It would be nice, of course, if I could lose weight while I am still nursing. But more than anything, at this point, I want to start having more energy and feeling good (as much energy as one can while being up all night with a baby...hmmmm?). So here goes!


Sarah said...

So you can even exercise 10 min at a time and it will make a difference. Baby will love it if you do squats while holding him, you know? You can do it!!!! You are amazing!

clarisa said...

you could so be a motivational speaker, you always inspire me. i can't believe the schedule you keep and all the things you manage to do in between that. you are a mad crazed woman and i know you and your zumba mind will soon be kicking it all over the place. go for it liz! your the best! (i wanna be your cheerleader so i can be one of your peeps. :) )

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