Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kyler turns 8 and a few other great things...

I cannot even believe that I have an 8 year old! Where has the time gone??!! My sweet Kyler turned 8 last month and has two front missing teeth to prove it! From the moment he was born, he has brought a sweet and tender prescence to our home.

Man I LOVE this picture and I love him in RED (not just because its my favorite color, but look how good it looks on him!)...So this past month has been CRAZY with all things Kyler!

Kyler is so unique. He can be easily satisfied with just about anything, but would live outside if he could. He loves camping and police men, firemen, all kinds of emergency people. He says he wants to be an ER doc when he grows up. Kyler is fascinated with tornados and hurricanes. He has a sweet countenance about him. His teachers every year rave about how sweet he is. He DOES have him moments at home where he is...well, rough and tough with his brothers. I really truly believe that it is because he loves them so much and wants to hang out with them any way he can! ;) He really is a sweet kid and I am so proud of him.
So last month we started with a small family party at our house, just us. Then the Saturday after his birthday, Cort took him and a few friends to Chuckee Cheese. They had a great time.

If you think you see more and more teeth missing with each picture- you are right! Within a week he lost both his front teeth. He seriously has some funny smiles showing every stage of his teeth getting loose. Then finally after they fell out, the toothless grin. Then after that, the new teeth now growing in!Along with turning 8 comes cub scouts! Kyler is LOVING it! He had his first pinewood derby last week and his car took second place! It was like .0004th's of a second off from getting first. He ROCKS! (And in case you were wondering, his car was BYU themed, of course)

The tracks have come a long way over the years...the boys loved watching the cars fly down!
And thanks to my mother-in-law for watching Paxton so we could be there together to see the big event.Then on Saturday was Kyler's Baptism! We are so proud that he made the choice to be baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He always wants to host Family Home Evening on Monday nights and tell us everything he has learned and why we should choose the right. From the time Kyler was given his first CTR ring (given to him by his first primary teacher), he has never wanted to take it off! He has lost it several times and prayed on his own to find it--and HAS! What faith!! So for his birthday we got him a nicer CTR ring in navy blue, which he loves. And this is why I themed his baptism/decorations on "Choose the Right."Before the big moment- look at how handsome these men are!

We invited our small crew of family over for lunch after at our house...and another very special event. Just ignore how incredibly HUGE I look in these pics- what gives?We decided since family was in town that we would make the whole weekend complete by blessing Paxton at our house after the Baptism. It was so special. The spirit in the room was so strong and there was not a DRY EYE there after the blessing. (yes, even the men cried!) It was so special and I will never forget it.

I really worked as hard as I could to make the event special- including decorating more than I ever have. And although a lot of the stuff was made by some of my friends (Kenzie!!!), and it was A LOT OF extra work....I love how everything turned out so it was totally worth it!. I attempted to make this cool CTR cake I saw on pinterest. But at 10:30 at can only be so creative. At least Kyler loved it!Amazing cupcakes- seriously, everyone always wants the recipe!

Yummy food! My mom stayed up till midnight the night before mopping my floors and helping me with the food and everything else. We did have several others bring things to help (my MIL and SIL), but my mom really went above and beyond and I could not have done ANY of it without her! Thanks mom, Love you!Look at the amazing POM-Poms Kenzie made! They just made everything extra special!Here is my chubby little monkey! He was blessed in the same outfit Cortney was blessed in as a baby. I have made all my other's blessing outfits and this time I was so tormented. Paxton wouldn't let me put him down for two seconds the first 2 weeks he was home, let alone give me enough time to make the outfit. I wanted to do the same for him that I did for the others- but I was so exhausted. And then one day I SAW it in the closet and it hit me. Paxton Cortney Larson...blessed in his Dad's blessing outfit! How perfect was that! It was amazing. Paxton is quite the sweet talker now. He tries so hard when he smiles to talk. It is so incredibly sweet. And as I said before, the blessing was amazing.

Our first family picture. I am seriously having issues with myself in these pictures- do I really look like that in person?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just wasn't working for me. But here we are.

My mom was here for everything and it was so special. I just LOVED having her here and Paxton loved it too! He could not get enough of her nor her of him! ;)I'm already ready for her to come back!!All in all, an amazing, special weekend that I will never forget! And I am especially grateful for all the love and support our family has been shown over the past year! To be at this moment this past weekend...something at one point we werent sure would ever be able to happen, is amazing. My miracle boy got blessed and my eldest son got baptised! We are so blessed!!


Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

What a special day! Looks like you guys had a memorable time. You look beautiful Elizabeth.

annieareyouok said...

Cute babies, cute Vato, cute Vato's mom, cute decorations .... loved reading about your sweet family.

clarisa said...

so clever with the cake. never had your cupcakes, but if you have a recipie ready to share, wouldn't mind trying them. love that paxton was blessed in cort's, that is soo special. love that you hold your baby whenever he wants you to. cuz, like you say, they turn eight too soon. congrats to paxton and to kyler. such a great family!