Monday, May 14, 2012


I am so grateful for the inspiration and intuition we have as mothers.  It is a gift from God.  And it has guided me through many events in my life- including 2 weeks ago on Sunday when Paxton was acting "off." He wasn't himself, he was really irritable, woke up crying and acting unusual for him.  He is hooked up to a monitor so we can make sure he is getting enough oxygen and it also shows his heart rate- and that morning his heart rate was WAY UP.  After he was done screaming and was able to calm, it went down and so I thought he may be getting sick, but wasnt really sure.  Either way, I was going to wait and see what happens.  He didn't sleep well all day and I knew something was going on, but I did not really know how serious.  Around 3 or so, his heart rate started going up and would not come down.  He felt hot and when I took his temp, he had a fever.  With any other child, this is something I would have said "oh, they are sick, lets watch them, get their fever down, etc."  But not with Paxton.  He has stents in his kidneys.  They are a forgeign object that can cause illness.  I am always scared of all the little things that happen to my sweet fragile Paxton.  Anyways, it hit me like a TON of bricks that he needed to go to the hospital right away.  It was sudden and strong and I just told Cort "we need to take him in right now, something serious is going on." I took him in and Cort got the kids arranged and met me there later.  By the time I got to the hospital, his heart rate was 240!! (normally 150ish).  His temp was 103.6 and later that night was 104!!  He met "shock" criteria so they had him on shock protocal.  Luckily once they got some Ibuprofin in his system, his heart rate and temp went down.  But in the meantime, I told the doctors I thought he had a UTI from the stents and it was confirmed.  UTI AND Kidney infection.  They started him on antibiotics right away, but they were general until they knew specifically what type of bacteria was in the urine so they could treat it with a specific antibiotic.  That took 48 hours!~  And while he got better the first day, he didnt really get better until the second day when they changed his antibiotic.  Poor little man was so sick.  So I camped out- and I am not going to lie- I got more sleep than I have in a long time!  Because my kids were being watched here, I slept when Paxton slept.  It wasn't great sleep because it was on a couch, but I actually felt slightly refreshed by the time we came home three days later.  BUT I never would wish to get sleep THAT way...I am just pointing out the ONE positive thing in the situation. 
So what is the bottom line now?  Paxton's stents probably MADE him sick and need to be replaced.  They want him to be over the infection before replacing them- but yet he may never get over the infection until they are we are still working out what to do.  He goes back in on Thursday and I am gearing up to fight for whats best for my son.  (with these urologist...lets just say sometimes I have to raise a fit to get things done in a timely manner).  So a surgery we thought would be good for 6 months has only lasted for 2 1/2-3 and now he has to have it again.  And then it should be the last time, we hope, until his obstucted kidneys can get fixed permanately.  He has been through SO much in his short little life that we are really hoping he does not have to go through much more.  Poor kid!  I just love him so very much!!  And I just want him to be completely better without surgeries or anything else.  I want him to be able to live as much of a normal life as possible.  We are hoping to get to that place soon.
In the meantime, thanks for all the prayers- we sure can feel them.  And I am sure grateful for that voice that told me to get to the hospital when I did.  So grateful for Modern Medicine.  JUST SO GRATEFUL! 

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annieareyouok said...

Poor baby. It's so difficult to see your kids sick. I hope he is on the mend soon. Glad you got some "rest" :)