Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Imagine This

Imagine the following scenerio: You are taking care of your child who is under the weather.  They have been throwing up.  At the exact moment that you are holding the bucket for him so he can puke, your 3 year old comes walking up holding the bowl from his little potty seat and it has POOP smeared ALL OVER it.  He is happily proclaiming "I did it, I did it." Now, if this story could not get better, at the exact moment that all of that is happening, your little baby's monitor starts going off because his nose prongs have come out of his nose and therefore he is not getting enough oxygen.  So while you are telling the 3 year old to go in the bathroom and wait for you, and telling your sweet child throwing up to make it in the bucket while you will be right back...as you are walking up the stairs you see POOP on pretty much every stair that must have come out of the bowl.  THEN you get up to the babies room only to learn that he TOO has POOPED ALL OVER his bed! 
True story.


Sarah said...

Oh man. Poor you! I should not have been eating a sandwich when I read that story.

Kate Pettit said...

I am beginning to feel a "little" glimpse of your pain. BOYS are HARD! I am also learning that I have very LITTLE patience. You seem to have handled the situation well. I would have screamed, threw my hands up in the air, and left the house. I'm SO sorry! You are amazing Elizabeth!!!!! Hang in there. Hopefully one day we will laugh at all this "crap" we go through;)

annieareyouok said...

Ahhh yes. When the sh%! hits the fan it seems to happen all at once ... and all over the place :) Kids are gross. Girls night!

clarisa said...

i'm sorry liz but my imagination just cannot comprehend this story, it's too wild. but i bet you felt pretty motivate to clean those stairs and crib that day... ;)
love you!