Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christmas 2012

Well this Christmas was very special for our family.  It was our first Christmas AT HOME together as a complete family.  Last year Paxton was in the NICU, so this year just seemed so special.  It was so wonderful!  It was so great.  The kids really got into it and understood more and the entire day was happy.  These pictures are out of order, actually they are in complete reverse order of how the events actually happened.
One of the favorite gifts of the day was a cute spiderman-gun game that we put on Kylers door.  He played with it for over an hour on Christmas day!
  Brayden building a lego set.  It was legos all day long for him.
 Kyler with one of his favorite gifts- a "trash pack"...
 The kids on Christmas morning before they went excited!  In their new Angry Birds pajamas, I might add. :)
 For Keatons school Christmas performance, Santa came.  It was so cute to see the kids sitting on his lap. 

 Keaton with one of his teachers.
 Keaton with his other teacher.
 Keaton and Santa. 
 With every school performance, Keatons teachers always have a parade so every kid can see their parents and feel the spot light.  So this is Keaton marching!
 When Santa entered he room...
 Keaton singing!

All in all it was a wonderful Holiday and by far our best Christmas as a family EVER! 

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clarisa said...

i love that they have the kids parade around so the parents can spot them! it's always so hard for us to find our kids in the crowd.

merry christmas!