Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kyler is 9!

A week before Kyler's 9th Birthday was the Pinewoo Derby.  Klyer did an awesme job with his car (with a little help from mom and dad too) and we had a really fun time as a family.  Kyler's car was 5th place- not bad!
 Here's the sweet boy posing with his car and ribbon.

 Kyler woke up the morning of his 9th birthday and WOKE me up!  Paxton had been up sick in the night and as a result, Paxton slept in, which meant I slept in.  So waking up 45 minutes late put us all in a frenzie!  I quickly made Kyler a birthday breakfast of waffles with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  I then tld him to get back in bed so I can offically bring him breakfast in bed.  He thought it was so fun. (this is a new tradition I am starting with the kids on their birthdays, but the goal really is to bring them breakfast BEFORE they wake up!) ;) 
 We had a small family party for Kyler that night with Cort's parents and us.  So this is him opening presents.

I seriously cannot believe I had a 9 year old!  It is amazing to think of all the many experiences we have had with this sweet boy in our lives!  He is funny, sweet, kind, handsome, and such a unique personality.  We love him and love having him in our home.  He is my oldest son.  He had a great birthday and we loved celebrating with him!


clarisa said...

happy birthday kyler! good thing you are staying young even though your kids are growing up. you look awesome and your kids are soooo happy!

Andrea McEntire said...

He may be 9, but he's a cutie! :)