Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Amazing Family

So in a joint effort, my Mom, Sisters and Grandma sent my little Sis as the family representative to come and help me for a weekend! Not only did she come bearing pampering gifts for me, It was a surprise and an amazing weekend. My sister (Bekah) cooked, cleaned, watched kids, went with me to the NICU and wouldn't let me do anything except have fun and get some much needed sleep. She also took me shopping- which was a nice way to de-stress and have fun during this chaotic time. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family!!


Likes' Family said...

You deserve it! I am so glad Bekah could come help! Keaton looks great!! Keep those smiles you brave mama!

Christy said...

Yay, de-stressing is always great! Your sister is a blonde version of you!

Jason and Sarah said...

Keaton looks so good in these pictures! Wow! And you look so good too! Too good for just having a baby, girl!