Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mama Love

I look so much like my mother in these pictures, I miss you mom!

So I have been holding Keaton every morning visit, and it is wonderful! Even with three blankets wrapped around him, he is light as a feather! Holding him helps me feel more like his mom, since the nurses pretty much do everything else. Putting him back in his issolette, that's the hard part.


Likes' Family said...

I am so glad you can hold him! You look wonderful! He looks tiny, but good. Your family is still our prayers.

Baker Family said...

He is a peanut! You look beautiful!

Jason and Sarah said...

you look great in these photos! oh, i wish i was there (not that i'd be any help, being so pukey and all)!

Candy said...

You look so good! And so does he babe. His little face is so sweet too.
Hope you are well.
thinking of you!