Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 Boys

So earlier this week I had my friends 2 youngest boys come to play (who are close in age to Kyler and Brayden) while she had her carpets cleaned. The boys were actually really good...however...I did leave the refrigerator unlocked (by accident of course) while I was upstairs feeding the baby...and guess who got into the freezer and got the ice cream out??? So as I listened to the sound of sweet laughter and playing...then the sound of silence...I knew they were into something...and it wasn't hard to figure it out because I know Brayden too well.

What's that Mom? We can't all sit around and eat ice cream at 9:30 in the morning?
The boys actually were all VERY good for me, and it was a surprisingly easy day for we all had push up pops in the car on the way to their this is the picture of me with 5 boys in my car. Luckily they are 5 very cute boys!

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Debra said...

lol... I love it!