Friday, February 19, 2010


Soooo...Cortney and have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Neither of us have ever been. We came across a deal about 8 months ago, and decided for our 10 year Anniversary we would go. Our 10 year is not until October, but after lots of planning, we determined this to be the best time to go. Sooooo...6 days, 5 nights...It was wonderful. It was a little weird for me at first, I'm not going to lie. I am a full time mother. I have my girls nights, my time aways, but never away from all three kids for 9 days (with traveling, we were gone for 9 days away from the kids). So I almost didnt know what to do...Cortney had planned everything and it was great, but it was almost like, is this really true? I have no responsability? Just fun all the way?? I relaxed, and ended up having an amazing time with my wonderful hubby. This hubby of mine did an amazing time getting everything planned out for who, what, where, when and why and it ended up making our use of time while we were there great!! Soooo....lots of pictures, I actually did not post as much as I could have, but HAD to post at these ones:

We start off with, the Resort at Ko'Olina...WHOA Baby, It was amazing. 5 pools, waterfalls, 4 hot tubs. A-MAZING!!

This was from the 14th floor (not our floor).

Can you ever imagine staying anywhere like that? So awesome. Self-portrait at the beach while Cort was in the water...

Snorkeling for 1/2 a day at Haunami Bay was awesome. Probably Corts favorite part.
Hiking Manoa Falls to this waterfall. beautiful!!
We took a hike up to Diamondhead crater...this is from the top (these pics are kinda backwards)...but we were sweating cause it was straight up...

View from the top...

When I said straight up, this was a set of 100 stairs, one of like 3 sets of these and this was at the end of the hike!
The Sunset on Valentines Day from where we ate dinner...on the beach. Yes.
We went to see the Hawaii temple. It was closed for renovation, but beautiful to walk around the grounds. Very nice!!

We thought the carvings at the top of the temple were so beautiful.

We also checked out a Buddhist temple. (Forgive me if I spelled it wrong!) It was very sacred and cool.

Finally, my favorite of the trip was the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was a very hot day, but it was so amazing. So, there was so much that happened there, but one of my favorites was that around lunch time they have a show where they all come out dancing on canoes. Seriously, different dancing from different places. Fiji, Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand. WOW...

A true polynesian climbing a coconut tree.

A very attractive couple!

The final night time show was amazing, of course, lots of dancing with fire, lots of things that are
so talented!!

We also toured Iolani Palace, Pearl Harbor, The North Shore, Dole Pineapple Plantation to name just a few more wonderful things. Like I many pictures, I just couldnt post them all!! ;)
But I learned a lot about beautiful Hawaii! Some of them include that everyone there has Tattoos! Men, women, boys, girls of all ages (okay, I didnt see any kids with them), but it is a way of living there, and since most people are around with their shirts off or in itst bitsy teenie-weenie bikins where they can show them off, it works for them.
Everyone there drives reaaaaalllllly slow (Can I say Boise drivers anyone? ;)) The speed limits were low, but I mean come on? I think its just the laid back feel you get in Hawaii from everyone- It was cool. hard to drive slow but cool. I loved learning everything I did while I was there- Whenever I go somewhere and learn the history of why they live the way, etc, I am always excited and want to learn more.
So, aloha, mahalo! It was awesome. Go to Hawaii. Book your tickets now.

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Sarah said...

You guys took almost the exact same tour we did (the crater, manoa falls (my personal fav), hanauma bay, pearl harbor, temple drive by, polynesian cultural center, etc)! Seriously, all the best places. Cort planned well for you. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!