Sunday, July 18, 2010


My friend Amber is having a boy. She has a girl and is now having a boy. She really didn't feel super comfortable with having a shower. Sometimes its hard for ladies who already have children to have a second baby shower, even if they have nothing for their new gender. So we took matters into our own hands and decided to throw her one anyone...much to her great surprise!

Now do you realize the planning that goes into making something a surprise? We had to tell her we are going out so she would get dressed up. We had to say that we were running late for our night out so she would actually come inside the house rather than waiting in the car...we had to tell everyone to park their cars down the street and have them show up 30 mins early...I'm just saying...a lot of preparation to make sure she did not find out!!

So, we kept it small. We invited only a few people who we knew she hangs out with or lives close to, etc. as well as her mom and sisters... so she would not be too overwhelmed. camera did not take pictures exactly as I took them, there is a delay so I am disappointed I did not get the big "suprise face" but I got pretty cute pics otherwise!!

So here is the story. This is Amber walking right out after we yelled Surprise. She burst into tears (HAPPY, EXCITED tears!). It was actually so sweet.

She was in the bathroom...and took a little coaxing to get out...;)
Here she is wiping away the tears getting ready to come out.
Some of the food. Aren't those plates and cups and napkins so cute?! I love now how baby showers are not all blue for boys and pink for girls, there are fun exciting new patterns and mixing and matching is fun. (can you tell I LOVE helping with baby showers?!)

Okay, okay, enough of the food, I know I am just making your mouth water,
Just having fun talking. Sorry for the lighting in the picture.
The cute mom/lady in waiting if you would...
All the pretty ladies...
So much fun!
I can't believe that Amber actually went for this, but we were pretending she was in labor...and well you get the idea!
4 cute pregnant moms! All at different stages...and on the far right is a mom to be of triplet boys!
Soooooooooooo silly ladies.
Great times had by all! So fun! I am so glad she ended up having a great time and loving the surprise!


Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

That looks so fun! What a great surprise!

amberschick said...

You ladies are the BEST! Love ya! Ps - these pics make me want to start dieting and excersizing RIGHT NOW!!!

Kate Pettit said...

Okay those pics are HILARIOUS!!! Would you mind e-mailing me the two of the pregnant ladies. I would love it!

Thanks a million! BTW---That shower was darling!

Kenz said...

that is so cute. and that she cried tears of joy. i am all in favor of a baby shower for the next gender. its ridiculous that its not mandatory ha ha. so fun!