Friday, July 2, 2010


Tuesday was a super busy jam packed day. Swimming lessons in the morning (I've been teaching a neighbor girl along with Kyler and Brayden) my house top to bottom, errands to run, and then the Bees Baseball game with Cort's mom, sister and her husband and kids. It was so much fun. The kids had a great time and there was so much for the kids to do during the naturally I did not see a ton of the game, just spent more time playing with the kids. But it was great anyways.

Here's Kyler with his cousin Ashlyn riding the train.

Me attempting to capture Brayden's and Keaton's face during the train ride (and I guess a little of my face too!) ;)
The whole fam!

The game.
Come on now... what a GREAT SHOT!
And finally...the BEE!!!
Now I forgot to mention the most IMPORTANT part of the day and that was Eclipse! After the Bees game, some gals came over and we went to Chilis (around 10pm) to hang until the midnight showing. We got to the theater around 11:10 and got seats, talked and waited for the movie.
Yes, I love the Twilight Series. Yes, I would definetly see the midnight showing and Yes it was totally worth it. The movie was amazing. The best of all of them by far. I thought Twilight was okay, mostly lame when I really think about it, but because it's Twilight, I still love it. New Moon was so much better and I really liked it, not just because it's Twilight. But Eclipse is truly well done, so amazing and so incredible! I seriously can't wait to see it again and again and again! And I did take a picture of one of my friends and I at the movie, but with my camera it did not flash and did not turn out. So another friend took one and is going to e-mail it to me, so I will just have to wait to post it until then!! Can't wait to show you cause I totally wore my $3 Edward t-shirt. WOOT!


beckaboots said...

ME TOO! I feel exactly the same way!! Love it!! And I would have worn my shirt that you bought me but it is too small... :/ so I wear it to sleep in :)!
Wish you were here so we could go see it again together.

the tim gailey home said...

again, i have to say it, you are such an amazing family! i love how you build so many memories together! you inspire me!