Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What. A. Day.

I knew from about 5 minutes after getting up this morning that today was going to be a HARD day. Brayden woke up extra early after being up really late. He was grouchy. Therefore I was grouchy. I woke up with the worst allergies I have had in a long time. I felt so drained. But surprisingly the day was decent until this afternoon. I was soooo tired and laid down for a few minutes, my allergies were killing me even after having taken medicine for it. I couldn't really relax well and the boys were fighting a lot. I could tell Brayden was reallllly tired and he eventually fell asleep on the couch. The problem with this? Naturally he fell asleep about 20 minutes before I had to leave...the ONE and ONLY day I have something important to be to (my ob annual appointment that I have to schedule like 3 months in advance). Nice. However, when I moved him to the carseat, he stayed asleep. And Keaton was still asleep when I had to leave, and he transfered to the carseat. Wow. I am thinking my luck has turned around. The boys are asleep. And even though it would be nice to be home taking advantage of them both being asleep, I am on my way to the ob doctor's office.

I get to the docs office and wait until the last possible second to wake them up. When I finally get inside, I learn my doc is at the hospital delivering a baby. he was only running about 15 minutes late they say...but he actually was about 45 minutes late. Brayden is tired, Keaton is fine and eating snacks. But Brayden literally cried the ENTIRE 45 minutes. Literally. Cried. Nothing I could say or do calmed him down, so I just let him cry. Now, normally I do NOT like bringing my kids to appointments like these. But today I had to. And this is the one docs office I come to where the staff and doctor especially LOVES seeing my kids. He plays with them, talks to them, and when its time to get business done, he has one of his nurses take the kids on a walk and its wonderful. So I really don't mind bringing them to this particular appointment...except today was just miserable. The other thing about this office I love is my doc is usually never late. They typically run ontime...even though he spends time talking to me and explaining things to me and really listens, he is still typically on time. But like I said, not today. And I understand, but man, it was hard. So after the doc comes in and business is done...Brayden cried the whole way home too...I kept looking back and laughing at Keaton cause he was plugging his ears!!
I got home and magically got dinner together (one of Cortney's favorites too). Cort had to put Brayden to bed early, Keaton to bed a little early and Kyler is now asleep. Sigh. The house is clean, I am ready to take a hott shower to help relieve these dang allergies and hopefully I can have a more relaxing night and have a better day tomorrow. Sigh again. Kids. One day I will miss these moments. I AM glad I had my camera today. Sigh. Again and again. Nite.


annieareyouok said...

Isn't that always how it seems to go? On the day that you can actually go to the doctor by yourself you're in and out no problem. But the ONE TIME you bring all your kids not only is the doctor late, but you run out of snacks/diapers/patience and all hell breaks loose. Sounds like you handled it well though. Better day tomorrow!

Kenz said...

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