Friday, June 10, 2011

Worst Mom Award

Although I have been feeling MUCH better the past couple of days (from the nausea), to say that my brain has been working only half of the time is an understatement. Yes, I have pregnancy brain, but I also have mom brain, Liz brain, mom of 3 boys brain, wife of Cortney brain, ETC. I can go on and on but I won't. SO, the mistake I made the other day was actually quite simple and something that I can honestly say I HAD NO IDEA what we were getting into. I was taking some neighborhood boys on a small "hike", but it is really just a cool walk through this foresty path by our house. It's part of a neighborhood summer program. So I had 10 boys including my own, yes, that's right, 10 BOYS! But they were all great. We were going along on the hike and when we got halfway and I let them have fruit snacks and a capri sun, the MOSQUITOS came out from the woods and ate everyone alive. Most of us just had little ones on our arms and legs...and I was going around, helping the boys hit them away as I protect myself as well. But my sweet little Keaton. His blood must just be sweeter than most, because the next day HIS SWEET FACE was COVERED in bites, his eye swollen...well, you can see a little of it yourself:

This picture just doesn't do any of it justice. (he wasn't coopertaing and neither was the sun or my camera) It only really captures his eye. So the kicker is, as I am out in public feeling totally terrible as a mother, everyone I have told where we have gotten bitten has said "oh yeah, that place is filled with mosquitos, I always bring spray" and I just feel so bad I didn't realize or know...even though I have been there several times before. I know, it's just a simple mistake that any mom would make. I just feel so bad with how many kids I was responsible for, making that mistake. THEN, add to that the absolutely terrible diaper rash Keaton had yesterday. The poor kid had a little tummy ache or something and kept filling his diaper. I was careful to get it right away, but it was real acidic or something because it was red from the very first diaper change. And so by the middle of the day yesterday, his poor face swollen, he's on benadryl for the bites and a little sleepy, AND he is walking like he was riding a horse all day. Most of the day he just cried and I held him. I just felt like such a bad Mom. I know I'm not. But I certainly didn't deserve the mother of the year award yesterday.

On a brighter note, Keaton is MUCHHHHH better today on both accounts! And I am feeling better about my role as a mother ;)


tjlucasclan said...

You are a wonderful mom!!! Look at this way!!! At least you tried to do something fun with them and take them on an adventure!!! You had no idea!!! And... you took care of him yesterday. That's all you can do... right?
Also, congrats on the pregnancy!!! That's probably not what you want to hear, though. When Heavenly Father has a plan, everything else is out the window. You are an awesome mom!!!

Kathy Varga said...

You are amazing, Liz! Don't forget it!

Bluejay said...

No way r u a bad mum! And you r sooo brave taking care of that many boys when you're pregnant too! Great job haha glad he's feeling better and bless ya with the new baby :)