Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry and Bright

Well the week before Christmas was rough. Just plain old rough! I had some issues with one of Paxton's nurses (nothing really bad, just emotional) and then learned a few little things that just made me worry about him. Then with the worrying came less sleep, and with less sleep came a more emotional me! So I was kind of a basketcase. But I pulled together in the end and we had a great Christmas. As great as it could be considering we had our little man in the hospital. But Santa came to both our house and the hospital, so it was great.

My pictures are out of order, but you can figure it out I am sure! Here is Cort and me on Christmas Day with our little man. He is now 5 pounds, 3 ounces and growing! The few times he has worn clothes, the preemie clothes seem to fit him just right! When did he get so big? (I know, my friends who have seen him gawk at how little he is...but to us, he is big!)

One of my favorite nurses Bonnie with him...does anyone else think his hair is looking pretty red here?? The new room he is in (yes, he got moved to a new room and it is SO MUCH BETTER) has a window that lets in a lot of natural light...his hair is almost strawberry now. My mom will love it!
Christmas Eve- 3 handsome boys with their new jammies and slippers!

Keaton on Christmas Day at his Grandparents house...

Christmas morning presents!

Santa brought everyone what they wanted! And I was surprised at the end with a new camera~! Although these pictures were taken before I opened it (on the old camera).

Our little elf with his eyes open- the day after Christmas. Its moments like these that I can't stand it that I can't just grab him and stare into his eyes while holding him. He is just so stinking cute I cant even take it!

This is what they call "the froggie" pillow and I call it "the tooth" because it looks like a tooth. Either way, it's like a light bean bag that molds to their body and paxton loves it on him. I can't wait till he is off the vent! He can't wait either! Hopefully soon.

All in all, Christmas was wonderful. And we are enjoying Christmas break as a family. Hope your Holidays have been wonderful too!


beckaboots said...

Love you and miss you so much seeing these pictures! He is so big now I love it! Fingers crossed for him getting off the vent!

clarisa said...

it erased me! again, love love the pictures! so good to see him grow up just a wee bit. love the tooth pillow. could be an owl too if you turned it upside down. love you and merry christmas and happy new year!

shel said...

Sorry, I said, 'we'll see you," when i saw you at Smiths, and not 'good to see you' , like i think you thought.
It was good to visit with you! :)
and from our visit, this post is old news, right? still off the vent!? :)
i need to come help you more. it's been a crazy almost 2 months of feellin' under the weather for me, ugg! :)
here's to healthiness for your little sweet Paxton and to all :) !!

A said...

You look hot in the pic at the hospital!!