Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I am overwhelmed. To say the least. My life...well, yes it is crazy these days. Totally crazy, BUT I am mostly overwhelmed because I have let so many things go that I can't even begin to catch up. Like my house...yes, it is cleaned and tidied up daily...for the most part, on the surface, it is clean. But closets? OH the closets! And under beds. And in cubbords. And the basement...these are all things that are cleaned and organized more routinely and since I got pregnant, I did a big fat NOTHING. And I am so far behind. And just the mere *thought* of beginning is overwhelming.

I was thinking all weekend of how there are so many JUNK toys everywhere in my house that need to be thrown out--we have a playroom that is desperate to be organized and is so far gone that I should seriously throw everything out! Which of course I wont. But that is how bad it is! And how wonderful would it be to have all the junk toys thrown out, old toys given away and room made for the new toys the kids will be getting for Christmas?! Well, it would be just wonderful I tell you! Wonderful!!! And did I even metnion my closet to you? You see, I have all my "after baby" clothes in there, mixed in with a few "maternity" that I haven't put away, mixed in with some "in-between babies" clothes that I am starting to fit into. And a few of my skinny clothes are lingering in there from before pregnancy. The truth is, I only wear about 40% of what is hanging up in there...the other 60% seriously needs to be dealt with because it's taking up so much space...but I just can't seem to find any motivation to do anything besides general maintaining of my house.

So it will be left alone. Left alone probably until Paxton is home. It's funny because I still think of projects I want to do for him- I already have all the makings for his quilt...and the thought of making that just excites me! But normally I don't take on any fun projects until the important projects are done. So it will all just wait. Until one day I will hopefully have the motivation. Hopefully. SIGH. One of these days...


beckaboots said...

I know how you feel. My life is no where NEAR as crazy as yours and I'm feeling like my house is trashed. And half of my Christmas decorations aren't even up!! Bleh. Hang in there. It'll be ok either way. Harrison will gladly take some of those toys off of your hands :)

Love you!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

I can only imagine how overwhelmed you must be. We are praying for you guys. From your blog, it seems like you are doing an extraordinary job in the face of impossible trials. "Just keep swimming!"

clarisa said...

some days are just meant for blahness. that way, we can truly feel happy on the other days. hope you get many more happy days than blah days. why oh whhyyyy are we blessed to have soo much junk? and i love it that having the closets cleaned is one of those things that can totally make your day. that's how i feel. don't worry, it's coming. just hold on.