Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Well, Monday was a very scary day to say the least. We were approaching day 5 on the spell countdown, and I called in Monday morning to learn that Keaton had in fact had a spell in the night. I had a feeling before I even called in, so it was not as traumatic as the previous spell was. When I got into the NICU later that morning and was holding Keaton, he was asleep. but started to tremor- it was almost like he had the shivers at first, so I just bundled him up and made sure he was warm, but he kept doing it. I called the nurse in to see it, and she immedietly called the Doctor to take a look. The doctor came in shortly after he stopped doing it (it lasted roughly 2 minutes), so the doctor ordered some labwork to help determine if he truly had a seizure. In the meantime, Keaton started the tremors again and this time the doctor witnessed it and Keaton was sent to Primary Childrens hospital to run further tests. The doctor believed he was having seizures, but we could not be sure until further testing was done, and this testing was not available at the hospital keaton was at.

So on Monday afternoon, as Keaton lay asleep, he had a spinal tap, lab work, 2 IV's, a cat scan, and an EEG done. The EEG was tons of little probes put on his head that read his brain functions, etc. to see what happened if he had another seizure. He was video taped for this for 12 hours, and we are still waiting for the results.

Now the good news is that the results on everything back so far are negative for any seizures. So far, he looks great! The doctors are confident at this point that he did not have seizures after all and the only concern for him going home at this point is the apnea.

The great news- they are going to do a sleep study on him where they hook him up to some monitors to better read what is happening right before, during, and after an apnea spell. The nafrologist(I know its probably not spelled that wrong) said that he believes not only is there a reason for the apnea (not just the same answer weve been getting over and over again- which is that he is premature and just needs more time), but that we can find a reason, and produce a cure/answer/solution where Keaton can come home without repeating the 7 day countdown a thousand more times. YEAH!! This is what Cortney and I have believed in for the past month, but now we are seeing the doctors here agree and are going to get our little Keaton home with us soon!

The sleep study will be on Friday night and we should be learning results by Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, Keaton is 8 pounds- HUGE!! He hit his official due date last week, will be 12 weeks old on Sunday, but really what he should be as a 1 week old. He is adorable, all the nurses dote on him and I love every second I have with him.

Meanwhile Kyler and Brayden continue to show the signs of being tired with their current life/routine and need more stability, which I hope to provide as soon as little Keaton comes home. We try to spend quality time together every day, but it always seems to be filled with them feeling insecure over everything, and I am trying to help comfort them. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope it starts getting brighter rather than fading further away.

I love and appreciate you all!


Christy said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! I am sort of fuming for you that IHC just adopted the "he's a premie" policy about the apnea while Primary jumps on it and immediately tests him to get a real answer. Go Primary! I hope that the results all turn out great and that your (and everyone else's) prayers will be answered soon with his safe arrival home!

Debra said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am praying that the doctors are inspired to run the tests needed to figure out what is wrong and inspired of how it can be remedied. You are such a strong, wonderful person, Liz. I really admire you. I'm glad to hear that there is a reason to hope for answers.

Chanelle said...

You have been in my thoughts constantly. Thanks for updating us and I'm sending prayers your way. I hope all is well, soon. Love ya girl!

annieareyouok said...

He is so cute! I have been thinking about you and I hope that everything continues to improve.

The Tuellers: Nick, Hailey, Kohlson and Beckett said...

This is Hailey Tueller. I found your blog through Christy Hechts. I hope it is okay that I add you as a link on my page, I would love to keep caught up with the progress of your little guy. I hope you get things all figured out with him soon. Good Luck!