Friday, May 1, 2009

Soccer Time

So the boys started soccer 5 weeks ago, but this week was the 2nd game they played due to poor weather and the week we were out of town. They have had fun. They always think the games are long and ask a million times when they will be over...but they are getting some energy out and I think they will do much better once the weather actually becomes nice enough for them to not have to wear sweaters underneath their uniforms.

Speaking of wearing sweaters under their uniforms- Braydens and Kylers uniforms are the smallest size they make...and little Brayden still drowns in his. The first game they played, he had a sweatershirt and jacket underneath and pants on underneath as well, and still drowned. Sorry about the behind shot of some guy in the pic, but this shows cutie Brayden about ready to do a corner kick!

Kyler in action..

Fun times.


Sarah said...

Ok those tiny boys look seriously cute in their uniform! I'm so glad you're having them play. That is so fun. We have the reverse weather problem here, as it is getting hot at our softball games. Really hot, and you end up looking straight into the sun for the first hour.Good times.

beckaboots said...

I couldn't stop laughing at how cute your boys are!