Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who's Gonna Win?

Okay, so really there have been many great singers this year on American Idol. I am not faithful to watch this show every year, but last year and this year have been so great. So, let me know, whose gonna win?

The Amazing, can sing anything, but is a little over the top and crazy Adam?
Or the amazing soft voiced Kris, who can sing a good variety but is not as creative and can really sing only a few variations of songs...
Okay, so I think Adam will win, but they are both good. Who would you vote for?


beckaboots said...

Honestly, kris has been really good the past couple of weeks it's really brought me around to liking him. Although, I have been an Adam Lambert fan from the beginning. It's really down to whos CD are you going to want to buy more? I can't decide until I hear them Tuesday night!!!

Sarah said...

I'd buy a Kris cd before I'd buy an Adam one. That said, Adam is AMAZINGLY talented, and kinda deserves to win based on his unmatched talent. So in other words, it's a toss up.