Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Baby

Okay, so I am a little obsessed with my little guy. He is so darn cute that I just cannot resist taking his picture and giving him kisses all the time. This is a super cute one of him sleeping...up close...

A little further away, oh so cute!
He did a face dive into the dirt while we were camping this past weekend, and did not like it. I maade him wait while I ran to the car, got the camera and took his picture. he was not happy with me for that one...I can't blame him, but look at this picture?!?!?!!!!!!

And finally, when he woke oh so early in the morning of camping, I took him to the car, bundled him up even more and took some pictures. This one is sooo sweet. It was cold and he was just so cute!
Love him!


annieareyouok said...

LOVE all the pictures! i find that my adorable-sleeping-baby photos don't convey the true cuteness in pictures that he is in real life, but you definately did. those lashes!!! i laughed outloud at the dirty face .... that will be epic when he's an adult. one to show the girlfriends for sure.

the tim gailey home said...

i love your camera! awesome shots! so, so, so adorable! of course, what else can you expect from such an adorable couple?

Sarah said...

I just love his little face. You could eat him up!

beckaboots said...

have you done any contests with him yet? you need to! he is soooo cute.
then you can use the winnings to buy a plane ticket and come visit us! :)