Friday, August 21, 2009

Meanie Mommy

Soooo....last week was real crappy with everyone being sick with strep and Cortney getting strep plus blisters in his throat, which lead to two different antibiotics and a lot of house cleaning for me....Needless to say, we finally got the clean, germ-free house with no more sickies and Tuesday night Cort gets carried through the door from basketball with torn ligaments in his ankle. Now, mind you, he broke his other ankle twice in the past year and a half. So, my first reaction to this was not that of an ever so loving wife. I kept a somber face, got the bucket of ice, the 800mg ibuprofin and asked what I could do to help. We went to the ER, because having experience with this before, and having waited out the pain before, we knew he needed something stronger than what we had. AND the pain was worse than with the breaks.

Now let me say this. I know this was an accident. And I know that Cort was in A LOT of PAIN. And I know this is the last thing he wanted to have happen. But I woke up the next day after getting 4 hours of sleep and was seriously TICKED at this situation. I was thinking, seriously, not only do I have to wait on my kids for 100% of the time, but my husband too. I was a super grouch. I made sure Cort got everything he needed and helped him as much as I could, but I was making sure he knew that I did not like this one bit. And that I think he should never play basketball again. And I reminded him many times that he will have to pay for this later.

And then I decided that acting like that stinks...and does no one any good. And I woke up the next day feeling much better. I still hate the situation...but I am calm now. And Cort is really trying to do the few things he can around the house to make life bearable. So SIGH, here we are. This is life. It can ALWAYS be worse.

So this first little pic shows you right after they wrapped his ankle- the huge lump on the side shows how swollen it was...That's not his ankle bone- that is pure swollen dude. Craziness.
A lot of the swelling has gone down, but now it is changing into pretty bruising and colorful blisters.


Sarah said...

This is all just so sad. I really feel for you and your workload. I'm so sorry. I do know that you are up to the challenge though! You are awesome!

annieareyouok said...

wow .... all of that sucks. i probably would have done something similar .... the grouchy part ;) sometimes it seems like we take care of everyone around us. when our families get sick we take care of them. when WE get sick we take care of ourselves PLUS them. not always, but it feels that way. husbands' hobbies are tricky because they need that outlet, but at what cost? his swelling was gnarly! hope it all gets better.

beckaboots said...

:( :( Every time you get frustrated and need to vent, call me and I will listen! it will pass!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

That looks painful. I'm glad that you were eventually able to make lemonade out of lemons!