Monday, November 23, 2009

Arizona, Part 4, Almost Home

Okay, so I must admit I was really nervous about the drive home by myself with the 3 boys. The trip there, with Cortney, was broken up in half so we could make it easier on the kids. We stayed the night in Vegas. Both to Vegas, then to AZ the kids were TERRIBLE. Pretty much the entire time! So I did not know how we were going to be able to make it.

But somehow, we made it! ALL 3 boys ended up taking naps in the car at the SAME TIME! And they were for almost 3 hours long! How does that happen?!! It was amazing.

And with the help of some sour skittles to keep me in check and alert, a lot of junk food and stops for the potty and 11 hours later we were home. What a great trip!

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the time gailey home said...

you are soo brave to stop the car and take a picture while they were sleeoing. it must have been magic... ;)