Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My hubs and I LOVE the show Castle. It's witty and funny and interesting...anyhow, the lead "detectives" in the tv show are Castle (who's actually a novelist following the detective for a book he's writing, but is actually really good at helping her solve cases), and Beckett, who is the leading lady and detective. Anyhoo....

So last night I had a dream that Cortney and I were really good friends with them and that we were following them around on their cases and helping out. (So weird, I know). So Castle is trying to help a girl escape from a place where she works but is actually secretly abusing her/threatening her. So I actually see Castle push what I thought was a person down to their death. I went right to Beckett and told her, and she and I went to investigate. It was very Mission Impossible/James Bond/every detective show you watch-ish. It was awesome. I didn't have a gun, but boy was I SO COOL! Anyhow, after some secret detective exploring done on my part, and Beckett seeing Castle actually rescuing this girl, the case is all put together, the bad guys are caught and Castle DID NOT push someone to their death after-all. It was very weird, very cool and very funny all at the same time.

I love dreaming. I dream pretty much every night, mostly really weird ones. All very vivid and real. Sometimes while I am dreaming I can figure out that I am dreaming and change my dreams around a little. It's pretty cool.

So there you go.

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beckaboots said...

ha. You are so weird! I don't even like dreams. I get them like you do, but maybe not as often. But as you saw when you were down here, they can be really vivid in a bad way.
Even when I get crazy ones that aren't scary, I don't really "like" them. haha
I'm glad you enjoy them either way haha.