Friday, December 18, 2009


There are many things this holiday season that has brought me cheer. Mostly, it's family and friends, our health and all the many wonderful things we are blessed with.

But I must also give a shout out to a few fun new things I have recently been blessed with:

Here in Utah, these headbands are all the rage- they are warm and fashionable! I'm in Love!

And this one I wear like every other day (and you can too at

This FABULOUS purse! I have never owned such a stylish, fun and well made purse before! I got this for hosting a party (again, a party OR just buy one!!
This fabulous accessory to go with the purse (I know, you know where to go by now, but I must tell you how much I love my friend's stuff!! (

My wallet has never been so organized or thin...EVER!

This fabulous wreath! Can you believe my little sis made this?!?! She saw it on some do it yourself blog, read how to, and when we were in AZ, we sat down to make these bad boys and a kagillion things came up, so she ended up making three of these! One for me, one for her, and one for my other sis. Can you believe? i LOVE it!

And how can I not put in this adorable little babe of mine! I love winter hats on boys! My cutie pie is growing up so fast!

As the song says "These are a few of my favorite things"...


Sarah said...

Love the wallet and purse! Very nice! I love my book wreath too!

White Cauldron said...

Thanks for the shout outs Elizabeth! I just ordered your same purse but in RED!!! The green is gone forever... I'm so glad you can enjoy the little things in life as much as I do!