Thursday, December 24, 2009


**Attention** Subject matter of this post is NOT for Children, but pictures are viewable by anyone!!** (Some of us still believe in Santa after all!)

We have friends who own a Santa suit and asked us to do a switcharoo with them on playing Santa and coming to their house. So Cortney dressed up and went to their house last week, and then they dressed up and came to ours last night! It was AWESOME!

So we had Cort's sister whose in town from AZ and a sister who lives local come over with their kids (although a few couldn't make it)...and magically after they were at our house for 5 minutes, the doorbell rings and everyone is wondering who it is! When I open it, Kyler and Brayden were standing right by me and were so shocked to see Santa standing at our door.

It was priceless. Meanwhile, little cousin Ashlyn looked half terrified/half shocked/half excited yet not really excited to see Santa. Again, priceless.

So all the kids took turns sitting on Santa's lap, except Ashlyn who talked to him from afar through her mother, and accepted a candy cane from him ;)

To my surprise, Keaton was not afraid of Santa at all! He loved him!

Ashlyn with her mom...
Cousin Kallin who really warmed up to Santa and was laughing with him!

My three boys! Although Keaton wouldn't look up for a picture because he was so excited to get a candy cane!!

It was an awesome, amazing experience that was more special than I could have imagined!

We are so excited for Christmas tomorrow!! Merry Christmas everyone!


Sarah said...

What a fun thing you did for your kids! Wish we were there!

annieareyouok said...

That is SO hysterical! I love the beard ;) What a cute idea to switch.